The Swine From The EUSSR

Kissing and Sucking Up to  Dictators (GoV)

Regular readers of WoJ are well informed about the  depravity of the  unelected EU Marxists who are eagerly working perverting everything our  forefathers  killed and died for. Most of you know about EUromed, which is just another word for surrender.

For the cultural relativists, nothing is worth fighting for, all cultures are equal, and Islam is just the next fashion fad.   But not everyone is ready for it. Not just yet: anti-dhimmitude in the EU parliament?  Nothing could be more encouraging:

Derk Jan Eppink is a member of the European Parliament for Belgium (actually, Flanders) and a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.

In the video  he has a few choice words to say to certain of his fellow MEPs, who have been a wee bit hypocritical in recent days with their prominent high-minded denunciations of Col. Muammar Gheddafi, the embattled dictator of Libya.

Mr. Eppink also has some entertaining photos of various EU notables caught in flagrante delicto — if not with their pants down, then with their lips puckered.

Watch it and tell me: if  indeed  patriotism is back in fashion, what stops us from having these jerks tarred and feathered and run out of town?