UK: 78 % of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech

Jawa Report:

‘Game Over’: 78% of British Muslims Want Limits On Free Speech When It Comes To Criticizing Religion Islam

Planning Laws Don’t Apply to Muslims

How Muslims bypass planning laws (eye)

(UK) Currently in the US, Muslims are playing the victim-card over the Congressional hearings on the US Muslim community. It seems that Americans, unlike the Europeans, will ask awkward questions which nobody else is willing to ask. You know, like: “Are you really a religion of peace?”, “Is Islam compatible with Western democracy?” and “Do you bully people into getting your way?”

In the Northern town of Blackburn, the people behind a new mosque decided to add a huge dome without planning permission. Of course, because this involved Muslims, councillors are terrified of being castigated as a ‘racist’ if they demanded (as per the law) for the dome to be removed. So with much fanfare, the nice councillors of Blackburn have turned a blind eye.

Which is exactly what happened in Nottingham, Cheltenham, Oldham, Birmingham, Romford, Nottingham again, South London. Not only do Muslims in the UK disregard planning permission but anybody who objects is instantly deemed a ‘racist’.  (Works like a charm. Every time.)

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  1. Obviously, the Brits are shaking in their boots for fear of making the Muslims angry. Hell, if the British police run from the Muslims as demonstrated by the Muslims chasing them down the streets of London, why shouldn’t the people be afraid of them. They do not have a means of defending themselves other than cowering since they can not be armed. Islam will take over the British Isle’s.
    They, the Muslims, don’t want to screw with the IRA as the IRA doesn’t screw with anybody who threatens them. England needs more IRA.

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