We need to treat them nice so they treat us nice once they take over… or something….


Sayed Mohammed Sidaqat is a ‘refugee’ from war torn Afghanistan.

A rather wealthy ‘refugee’: he’s one of the ones that paid people smugglers $16,000 AUD to travel to Australia.

For his part in sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl, Sidaqat was sentenced to two years in jail with a twelve month non-parole period.

So weak has our justice system become, these days Australia doesn’t even deport convicted sexual predators who confess to paying people smugglers to arrive on our shores.

Why are such “boys” to be rushed into the community?

6-year old Afghan boys plant road mines and spy for the Taliban. Some Afghan boys who blew themselves up as suicide bombers were no older than nine. A 12-year old beheaded a ‘spy’ on camera which can be viewed on Youtube around the world. 14-year old Omar Khadr, from the terrorist Khadr family in Canada, killed a  a CIA operative  with a hand-grenade and  the bleeding hearts couldn’t get enough of this poor child being held in Gitmo before he was transferred back to Canadastan.

The ‘yuman rites’ support industry can’t get enough of these cute kiddies…..

Looks like Australia needs the skills of these new cultural enrichers desperately:

Andrew Bolt

Again involving Afghan “boys”, doing things in custody we can only hope they won’t when free:

THIRTEEN people were injured, windows were smashed and three asylum seekers were arrested during a riot at the crowded Christmas Island detention centre at the weekend.

Federal police used capsicum spray to subdue some of those involved in the fracas, which led to several young Afghans being separated from other asylum seekers and locked in a dining room overnight for their own protection.

Sources said the altercation was similar to a violent incident earlier last month at another facility, the Darwin Airport Lodge, where hundreds of asylum seekers are being held.

While the catalyst is believed to be tension between Afghan Hazara boys and the protective fathers of girls in the centre, advocates say the violence is the consequence of frustration over indefinite detention, cramped conditions and inadequate facilities

The Gillard Government is now rushing “boys” into the ciommunity:

Over the weekend, 15 unaccompanied minors were transferred from the island to Melbourne; 10 entered the transit centre at Broadmeadows and five went into community care.

But has it yet worked out how to determine the age of these “minors”, when so many are clearly much older than they claim?

Meanwhile, at Alice Springs, where 500 Sudanese refugees have been settled:

But who will stand up for the boys and girls as young as 10 marauding about Alice Springs at midnight, especially the girls who are “for sale” and those “checked out” by the African gangs

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  1. Oh! The irony… These are the exact words of Swedish former Minister of Integration Jens Orback, who is also a journalist

    “We must treat our immigrants with respect,
    because when we will become a minority in Sweden
    we would like them to do the same to us”.

    Jens Orback, speaking on Swedish TV after Theo van Gogh was slaughtered in cold blood in Holland in 2004. Expressing sadness that he was not allowed the right to freedom of speech.

    This video seems to have been withdrawn, but is now again available on youtube

  2. If anyone believes this they are wankers. Wankers who rule our country. Dangerous Wankers. We voted for Wankers, but we have no other choice, they are all Wankers. We must make all pollies wear a big W on their forehead. Not so funny. Although I dont think we need to be reminded of their Wankerish ways.

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