Wilders: Anti-Islam wave unstoppable

Radio Netherlands

Nice to see  the obligatory ‘far right’ smears  missing from this article:

Geert Wilders

In an interview with Dutch news channel NU.nl, Freedom Party (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has said that the PVV’s ideas are striking a chord with increasing numbers of people across Europe.  Mr Wilders spoke of an unstoppable ‘anti-Islam’ wave. “We are having our own little revolution down here,” he said.

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Newsweep smells the coffee:

“Only a few years ago, many of Europe’s far-right politicians were openly anti-Semitic. (Not true, but that’s how Newsweep would like you to see it) Now some of the same populist parties are embracing Israel to unite against what they perceive to be a common threat.” And the common threat is, of course, Muslims. Newsweek, 27 February 2011


Bunglawussi Watch trying to sell “innocent God-fearing Muslims”

The Daily Star‘s dramatic turnaround over the English Defence League continues.

Commenting on the EDL’s supposed threat to field candidates in parliamentary and council elections, the Star observed that the organisation “could soon become a political force”, in which case “Tommy and his followers will have to be taken very seriously”.

What a difference four days can make.

The Star has now done a 180-degree turn on the EDL. An editorial in today’s issue attacks the EDL’s claim to be “non-racist, non-violent and the voice of reason against the spread of Islamic fundamentalism in this country”. It dismisses the EDL as an organisation whose “membership is tiny” and refers to the criminal records of some of its leading figures.

The editorial concludes that “blaming all our problems on innocent God-fearing Muslims is not the answer” and pledges that “we’ll never stop making that clear to the rag-tag bunch of thugs called the EDL”. Daily Star backpedals on support for EDL (we shall see….)

Wilders unstoppable:

Mr Wilders believes that some of the measures he wants to take in collaboration with the ruling Dutch coalition will eventually be introduced across Europe. Some critics say many of the current cabinet’s intended measures are in violation of European legislation. However, Mr Wilders argues that many people in other European countries support the measures.

A party similar to the PVV has been created in Germany: Die Freiheit (Freedom), led by Rene Stadtkewitz. Mr Wilders says another PVV-type party may be launched in the United Kingdom, filling the gap between the allegedly racist British National Party and the Conservatives.

“The time that the CDU (German Christian Democrats) and the CDA (Dutch Christian Democrats) could ignore the problems is definitively over. It is not a temporary comet or something like that. The genie is out of the bottle and it will never be put back in again. Never again.” Mr Wilders says the fear of new PVV-type parties will ensure that many of the Dutch government’s anti-immigration policies will find widespread support throughout Europe.

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  1. May that wave roll across the United States too, and soon! Thanks for posting this, Sheik, I shared it at that page I run over at facebook.

  2. The EDL are the people who are normal citizens who have to live in the areas most of the supremacist, and sometimes brutally violent, Muslims live in. Not elites or politicians, or, most importantly ELITE POLITICIANS! Once they gain membership from other ethnicities and immigrants, that also live in those areas, the truth will not able to be denied any longer with their very lame and tired racism charge.

  3. Interesting article from the Gates of Vienna:

    The BBC Breaches Its Charter: Phase Two

    A couple of weeks ago we reported on the BBC’s “documentary” about Geert Wilders entitled “Geert Wilders: Europe’s Most Dangerous Man?” The movie was a blatant hit-piece by a progressive outfit called Red Rebel Films, which is based in the Netherlands and enjoys partial funding by the state.

    The film’s appearance on the BBC as well as the earlier release of an original Dutch version were coterminous with beginning of each of Mr. Wilders’ “hate speech” trials. It strains credulity to suppose that the timing of these events was mere coincidence.

    Our British correspondent RezaV wrote a carefully documented letter of complaint to the BBC, and eventually received a reply. Here’s what he says about the Beeb’s response and his own counter-response:


  4. And of course, as Muslims spread and there are more and more of them, which means a bolder stage of Jihad, because any moderates are just not up to the challenge, seems it’s all Taquiya we hear, so, as that happens, more and more will support EDL, as they do have a platform of defending Western values. How else are the English to defend their cherished, hard won, values? (psst, they ARE worth defending.)

  5. In fact, the EDL, has invited Muslims, who believe in freedom, any Muslimwho truly cares and wants to make a difference, join the EDL! Show us you believe in freedom! I won’t hold my breath, just making a point.

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