Brainwashing Killer Zombies: Teaching Basic Islam in Germany

Vlad Tepes presents:

Islamic schooling in Germany

Not extremist Islam, just classic, run of the mill Islam. If this doesn’t blow you away, only a soldier of allah can.

This vid needs to receive hundreds of millions of hits!

6 thoughts on “Brainwashing Killer Zombies: Teaching Basic Islam in Germany”

  1. This is obviously (and hopefully)not a public school.
    Having worked in the german schoolsystem for over 35 years, the decor of this room does not seem adequat to me. It is rather a private institution that our state shamefully forgot to close down.And never in my lifetime a nut like this “teacher” has set foot into one of our public-run establishments.Be sur of this!

  2. Jacqueline,
    Germany does not tolerate this crap. The officials need to be informed – the school will then be shut down –

  3. Good point, Browning.

    But does it really make a difference? The ‘teacher’ is teaching mainstream Islam, no different from that in the UK, in America, Australia or Pakistan.
    This one must be “a moderate” because he doesn’t hit the kids with sticks, like the bearded freak in England. There was also another case where one of these monsters beat a kid to death…..

  4. But the girls are all sitting at the back (and wearing head scarves) – Rosa Parks would not have stood for this – why do modern European women agree to this?

    Whatever BS they are teaching – they are exemplifying the principles of gender-apartheid, female inferiority and the necessity for females to hide themselves.

    Hard to believe that the ‘rebellious’ teenagers of 21st. century Europe put up with this.

  5. Hope Germany will be paid of this tolernace. The muslims will be tolerant at the begining and when they are dominat in number,they will use weapon to destroy the constitution and impose shyria law. So Germany is in this road to shyria law.

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