Cookie Monster vs Suicide Bombers

Obambi wars are different:

$ 20 Million to remake Sesame Street for Pakistan

After ‘overseas contigency operations, kinetic actions and man-made disasters’ the man-boy who gives Tingles hot flushes (when he smiles) gets tough on Islamic terror:

Obama makes U.S. spend $20 million to remake Sesame Street for Pakistan

That’s right after he blew somewhere between $ 50 and $ 70 million dollars of taxpayer money on one of his Muslim buddies from Kuwait to produce Muslim superhero comics.

Spencer: I can’t wait for the episode in which Cookie Monster straps on a bomb vest and blows himself up in a crowd of Infidels.  The real problem with all these hearts and minds initiatives, besides how they drain the U.S. Treasury, is that they won’t work. A few episodes of Sesame Street are not going to change the text of the Qur’an or efface the jihad imperative.

Needless to mention, no matter how edifying the comic books may be for Muslim families, it is bizarre to see the President of the United States endorsing such religiously-inspired products, because they upheld the “teachings and tolerance of Islam.” The POTUS should normally be upholding the Establishment Clause of the Bill of Rights, and not be promoting a particular faith, but this president seems to think his desire to create good feelings in Muslims over-rides his need to abide by the First Amendment.

Batina is a superhero of a kind the world has never seen. It’s not just that she’s a Muslim woman, from a country best known for harbouring al-Qaida operatives – Yemen – but that she wears an altogether new kind of super-person costume: a burqa.

She, along with her fellow crime-fighters, a vast team of characters from around the world, including Jabbar the Powerful from Saudi Arabia and Hadya the Guide from London, collectively known as “The 99″, are the world’s first Islam-inspired superheroes. (source)

Pakistan’s check is in the mail:

Pakistan: 400 jihad-martyrdom bombers groomed for suicide attacks

Paradise is guaranteed in the Qur’an to those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111), so it is hard to sustain the claim that suicide bombing is un-Islamic.

“‘400 Pak bombers training,’” by Azhar Masood for Arab News, April 9 (thanks to JW):

ISLAMABAD: A teenager arrested as an accomplice to Pakistan’s deadliest suicide bombing of the year has said that up to 400 suicide bombers are being groomed to wage carnage in the nuclear-armed nation.Umar Fidayee, 14, said the would-be bombers were being trained in North Waziristan.

He made the remarks in an interview aired Friday from his hospital bedside, where he is being treated after detonating a hand grenade in the April 4 attack that killed 50 people at a 13th-century Sufi shrine.

Fidayee said: “I was blindfolded by my captors and brought to Dera Ghazi Khan to attack the shrine.”

He said he was a schoolboy and was taken to Waziristan by force.

According to AFP, police arrested Fidayee as an alleged accomplice and said they removed his own suicide vest, which he failed to detonate in a crowd of hundreds in Dera Ghazi Khan just minutes after two other bombers blew themselves up….

“Three hundred and fifty to 400 would-be suicide bombers are getting training in Mir Ali in North Waziristan,” he said in the interview broadcast by Pakistani television channels Samaa, Express, ARY and Geo.

“I was trained for two months and saw many boys being trained there,” he said, going on to appeal on Pakistanis to “please forgive me.” He said: “God has given me a new life but I am sad that we killed innocent people, innocent children.” Fidayee said he was initially recruited on the understanding that he would be smuggled into Afghanistan to kill non-Muslims.

“But they brought me here to Dera Ghazi Khan. I told them ‘there is no kafir (non-believer) here’,” he said. “They told me these people are worse than kafirs,” Fidayee said.

Exposing an apparently disturbing recruitment at the gates of an ordinary school in North Waziristan, the teenager claimed a man he identified as Qari Zafar convinced him to begin a life of militancy, AFP reported.

“He told me that all this education is useless and said ‘become a fighter and you will go to heaven’,” Umar told the reporters….

“A man called Ayyaz gave us the suicide jackets on April 3 (the day of the attack). At 4 or 5 p.m. we visited the Sakhi Sarwar shrine and he told us each where to carry out our attacks,” Umar said….

In a message to other potential suicide bombers, he said: “Please refuse to carry suicide attacks. Such attacks are forbidden in Islam.”

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