Daubai Maid Does a Bobbit

Just in case you don’t know what a Bobbit is, here’s a link.

Thanks to KGS from the Tundra Tabloids:

Every month, Arabs ship home 40 maids in body bags. No outrage from the “international community”.

Her employer, this SOB,   got what he so richly deserved. The treatment of foreign maids is a monumental scandal, but Amnesia Intentional and the rest of the Yuman Rites mafia is more concerned with Gitmo and our treatment of Mohammedan invaders to bother  with something so benign.

Meanwhile, according to Dubai Police statistics about 665 crimes were committed by housemaids in Dubai last year. Of which, there were 305 absconders, 113 rape cases, 85 cases of illegal residence; 68 breach-of-trust cases and 63 theft.



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  1. Re: 305 absconders
    Only in Dubei can quitting your job be considered a crime. No doubt they did not get paid either)

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