Hamas Targets Israeli School-bus With Anti-tank Missile

CNN idiots: “It was not immediately known if the bus was targeted”

CNN’s story on yesterday’s terror attack on a school bus seems to go out of its way to downplay the seriousness of the episode.

Written already after Hamas accepted responsibility, it says:

The school bus was traveling in southern Israel near the Gaza border when it was hit by a type of anti-tank missile known as a Kornet, said Israeli military spokesman Capt. Barak Raz. The Kornet is a Russian-made anti-tank guided missile system that is thought to have a maximum range of 5 1/2 kilometers (3 1/2 miles).

The Arabic version of the communique said they attacked “infidel Zionist usurpers.”

Hamas brags that it targets civilians. Which means, according to the bizarre logic of “human rights groups,” there is no need to write reports and issue lots of press releases condemning them.

[IDF spokesperson] Leibovitch said it looked like “a direct hit.”

The Kornet is a laser-guided anti-missile system. It is not a Qassam. The people operating it know precisely what they are aiming at. The Hamas website admits that they targeted the “Zionist bus.” It was clearly marked as a school bus. It was colored the distinct yellow of all Israeli school buses. Undoubtedly Hamas was hoping that the bus was filed with schoolchildren, and a few minutes beforehand, it was.

Hamas was deliberately targeting scores of children with a laser-guided missile that simply would not miss. But CNN feels it important to say that “it was not immediately known if the bus was targeted.” Yes, it is absolutely known at the time CNN filed the story. The entire purpose of that sentence is to cast doubt on Hamas’ bloodlust.

And CNN even quotes an IDF source as saying that Hamas wanted to target the rescuers as well:

There was an attempt to fire a second missile after emergency personnel had responded to the scene, the official said. For reasons unknown to the IDF, the second launch failed.

This is a major escalation on the part of Hamas – a well-planned and deliberate attempt at mass murder. You would have to read CNN’s story twice before even beginning to understand what should have been made clear in the first paragraph.


The Ezzeddeen Al-Qassam Brigades are missing a few rocket scientists:

The Mujahedeen were killed by the Zionist et fighters. They were martyred after a long bright path of jihad, hard work, struggle and sacrifice.