"Happy Punishment" DownUnder

“Their Motives Were Pure”

Sheikh Haron (self proclaimed political refugee from Iran) and his convert sidekick Amirah Droudis will face charges after all.

We do not expect however that If found guilty the duo will get tough sentences, after all they were only driven by their religious convictions and their “motifs were pure”.

A MUSLIM cleric charged with sending offensive letters to the grieving families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan has lost his bid to have the indictment quashed on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. (source)

Sidekick speaking:

Man Monis is facing trial in the NSW District Court over 12 charges of using a postal service in an offensive way by sending letters and CDs to relatives of members of the Australian Defence Force who died in combat. One letter was sent to relatives of an Austrade official who had been killed in the bombing of the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta in July 2009. (source)


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