Israel vs Hamas, Hezbollah, Hudna & Jihad

Update on the Itamar investigation:

Jews have no right to persecute Mohammedan mass-murderers:

“Mass abuse of rights of Pali villagers unacceptable.” (source)

You couldn’t make it up. These people are worse than AIDS  and the Ebola virus.

Today’s Rage Caused by Trinny & Susanna

The real problem for the worlds 1.5 gazillion mad Muslims are  Trinny & Susannah who are causing “immodest clothing” rage:

Muslims offended by jihad terror photo of women in front of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Priorities. “Muslims offended by Trinny & Susannah,” by Eran Baron for Ynet News, April 8 (thanks to JW):

Hamas fires dozens more rockets into Israel

Demonstrating again their indefatigable commitment to peace. “Hamas militants fire dozens of rockets at Israel,” from DPA, April 9:

Gaza – Al-Qassam Brigades, the Islamist Hamas movement’s armed wing, claimed responsibility Saturday for a fresh barrage of dozens of homemade and Russian-made Grad rockets from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.The group said in leaflets faxed to reporters that its militants fired medium-range Qassam and Grad rockets at Israeli communities in southern Israel….


This Deutsche Presse Agentur story goes on to give the impression that the Israelis struck first and that the jihadists were simply retaliating — in yet another example of how the mainstream media always echoes the jihadist propaganda line.

Ham-ass commander roasted:

Izz a-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, announced that one of its commanders was killed in the strike along with an additional gunman. (Y-net)

Hamas threatens to intensify attacks if Israel doesn’t quit trying to stop them

Many a useful idiot in the West will nod in agreement that fighting back causes jihad. So much for Hamas’ roughly 5-minute “ceasefire” the other day, which gave new meaning to “not worth the paper it’s printed on.”

And yet, as reported below, Hamas is offering still another ceasefire even today. Jihadist truces are not intended to last longer than the Muslims need them to, and Hamas’ turnaround time here is taking that to a whole new level.

Hamas now claims it “didn’t know” the school bus it hit with an anti-tank missile was carrying children. Recognizing that this attack turned out to be both bad for business and cause for a more intense response from Israel, they essentially blame the bus for being there, insisting IDF vehicles use the road, too.

Typical, all of it. “Hamas: We’ll broaden attacks if IDF strikes continue,” from the Jerusalem Post, April 9:

Hizballah “will try to launch 400-600 rockets and missiles at Israel per day − 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv”

A coming jihad attack that is expected to be far bloodier and more difficult for Israel than the 2006 war. “Haaretz WikiLeaks exclusive / ‘Hezbollah expected to launch 100 missiles a day at Tel Aviv,'” by Yossi Melman in Haaretz, April 8:

Islamic Jihad threatens to “strike targets in the heart of Israel”

Responding to defensive acts by their enemies as if they were aggressive is a hallmark of jihadist propaganda. “Islamic Jihad vows to strike ‘heart of Israel,'” by Elior Levy forYnet News, April 8:

Islamic Jihad’s military wing vowed to “strike targets in the heart of Israel if the IDF does not stop its aggression in the Gaza Strip”….

That was quick: Jihadists fire new round of mortars into Israel after Hamas declares cease-fire

Jihadist cease-fires are cheap. They are not meant to last, and this one certainly hasn’t. “8 mortar shells fired from Gaza land in South,” from the Jerusalem Post, April 8:

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  1. shiek, in your most humble opinion, why must “everyone” continue to tolerate the “scripted” bias, arrogant attitude from the agenda driven “world media” ? in general, most realize the stupidity level of liberals, Eco-toddlers and the obama fed knee jerks of “so called” journalist.
    must we simply wait for the majority to “self-implode” or commit mouth suicide as the ziplock nutsack ” trick sanchez? (of c.n.n fame) or does “anyone” have blueprints for possible “covert” stomping s or tactical beat downs enabled by good ole commonsense ?
    the average “american” (legal citizen) with no agenda except to feed and shelter its family, cannot continue to tolerate this bias without some sort of “mental relief” ! yea sure, it was great to watch “alan grayson” become one of the “BIGGEST” laughing stocks in florida history, and have sanchez (rick) shipped back to miami in a recycled taco bell “to go box”…(cept for his head) that went by U.P.S. semi …
    we are going to need some “new meat” and soon !!!

  2. I’m surprised there isn’t a rival show called “Aziz and Fatima” that takes well dressed integrated Muslim girls and put them in burqas and teach them to walk with slumped shoulders and their heads down.

  3. * Hamas fires dozens more rockets into Israel

    Israeli response will be “disproportionate”, whatever it is.

  4. Forget the mosque backdrop – use a render of the Third Temple. That will get them going.

  5. Just as Jewish HOUSES are far more dangerous than Mohammedan NUCLEAR WEAPONS so Jewish RETALIATION is a far worse crime then treacherous TERRORIST ATTACKS in the minds of moonbats and the Lame Stream EneMedia anyway.

  6. When Israel uses “disproportionate” force, it actually means that she was able to successfully defend herself…

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