Lame Stream Media Calls Limp Dick "angry hard-line Immigration Minister"

Strike me with a wet handkerchief:

Rioting asylum seekers face charges after Villawood fires

  • Nine buildings destroyed by fire in riots
  • Protesters still on roof, demand freedom
  • Govt says rioters could face criminal charges
  • Will affect asylum claims of those involved
  • Updates of Villawood riots: As it happened
  • 2 thoughts on “Lame Stream Media Calls Limp Dick "angry hard-line Immigration Minister"”

    1. “Limp Dicks” also have no conscience. Let’s wait and see just what our limp dick politicians do about this. Will they be “Upstanding” and do the right thing, or will they remain as usual a spent force of faceless limp dicks?

    2. Chris Bowen will talk tough but will allow these criminals to be covertly released into Australian society to leech off our Social Security system and destroy public assets when they don’t get their own way.

      These parasites should be deported without hesitation. If not, they should not be allowed to enjoy the amenities paid for by the Australian taxpayer. If they are to remain even tempoarily, they should be made to sleep in the remains of the buildings they burnt down.

      l’m absolutely sick of our piss weak government that won’t say enough is enough. When will Chis Bowen grow a scrote and do what the people who elected him to parliament want??

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