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At Least They’ve Got a Sense of Humor

Obambi Presents Another Fake Birth Certificate

The real question isn’t why the Regime would release a suspicious-looking birth certificate after sitting on it for years, but why it’s being hyped into such an issue at this point in the game. Obama was elected the first time despite people knowing that he was a close associate of unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers and racist anti-American hatemonger Jeremiah Wright. He had already stated for the record that he intended tobankrupt the coal industry, cause energy prices to skyrocket, and radically lower our standard of living. Yet having been reduced to zombies by generations of politically correct brainwashing, people were suicidally depraved enough to vote for him anyway.

Next time he will have had four years to spread around our money, our children’s money, and our grandchildren’s money by the hundreds of $billions to ensure his reelection. No fishy birth certificate is going to slow down his continued “fundamental transformation” of America — although it might help his media enablers to characterize the resistance as conspiracy kooks.

More from Pamela Geller:

the question is, why release such an obvious forgery?

The son of a Muslim is a Muslim, no two ways about it:

Obama, being the son of a Muslim,  is according to Koranic Belief,  a “Born Muslim” and would continue to be  one  until a formal renouncement. Did Obama ever formally renounce his birth religion?  He should be vetted hard with deep scrutiny just like everyone else. This guy got credit for being black while being able to read from a telepromter. That is wrong.

The only reason for withholding all the information about himself is that the complete picture of who he is along with what he stands for would have made him unelectable in the first place.

Here is another tidbit you probably don’t know about Obama. During one of his campaigns, he petitioned a crony judge to “unseal” certain records of his opponent. It’s now time for Obama to “unseal” himself to the American People.

White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said President Obama will not release his academic records, commenting a day after Obama put out his “long form” birth certificate and Donald Trump decided to press his luck by demanding Obama’s college transcripts.

No Way We’re Releasing His Academic Records…

WASHINGTON — White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said President Obama will not release his academic records….

Good News:


Wal-Mart’s profit-slashing experiment with political correctness continues to be reversed

Big Problems Unsolved

“We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do. We’ve got big problems to solve,” the president said.

Minutes later, he boarded a helicopter, bound for Chicago where he will interview with OprahBIG PROBLEMS TO SOLVE (Tim Blair)

4 thoughts on “Mocking America”

  1. Precisely as I predicted. You birfers never wanted the “long-form” birth certificate. All this time, all of you fringe theorists were claiming, “JUST Release the damn thing and settle this issue!”

    As I predicted before, once they did release this new and improved birth certificate—You all would claim it’s a fake. In fact, you were going to claim it’s fake before even analyzing it.

    How sad and pathetic that people are so blinded by irrationality that they are willing to be suspend their own honesty.

    “You can’t reason someone out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”

  2. YES, I read the post. And it echoes what every other rightwing blog is blabbering about. “It’s a fake” and “Why did it take so long?”

    First you clamor for him to release the long-form. You get it. Then you ask, “why did it take so long?.” And then claim “it’s a fake.”

    Holy hell, even the smoking gun of all places joked about Ukelele, moments after he released this thing:

    And I frankly don’t care about his college records. He writes in his book about his poor academic performance at Occidental. And he was the editor of the Harvard law review. For god’s sake, the man taught constitutional law part time at UIC when he wasn’t a state senator in IL (which is a part-time elected position). I’m sure that he’s a personally intelligent guy. So was Jimmy carter. But, they were both absolute IDIOTS when it came to being POTUS.

    He’s a bloody leftist, who was born in hawaii. I guess this is bothering me to no end because this is everything that was done and said about George Bush, by the left. Which I deplored. Now the right is doing the same damn thing.

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