No Riots in France After Muslim 'Yoots' Try to Kill Jew

Islam in Europe

Jew-hatred is in the Koran. The idea that Jews and Muslims “don’t get along” is a vile lie. The Jews just want to live; the Muslims just want the Jews dead. That is the root cause of the problem. Pamela Geller

Killing a Jew is a sure ticket to Muhammad’s bordello:

Lyon: Jew shot by North Africans in antisemitic attack

A 21-year-old man was seriously wounded in an anti-Semitic attack by two youths, after returning home from a Torah course in a synagogue in Villeurbanne, in southern France, the Jewish Community’s protection service (SPCJ) said. Continue reading

Denmark: Concern about hate preacher visit

Any idea what “concern” means?

This coming Sunday the youth department of the Danish Islamic Community will host a conference with controversial preacher Bilal Philips as one of the main speakers. Philips has previously been banned entry to the UK and Australia, where he is regarded as a potential threat to society.Continue reading

Is that the only thing that unites Jews & Muslims?

Netherlands: Jews and Muslims call on parliamentarians to reject proposed ban of ritual slaughter

The Netherlands, one of Europe’s first countries to allow Jews to practice their religion openly, may soon pass a law banning the kosher slaughter of animals.

An alliance of a small animal rights party and the larger xenophobic Freedom Party of Geert Wilders is spearheading support for the ban on kosher and halal slaughter methods. Continue reading

They’re telling us every day what they’re plotting. Is anyone listening?

France: ‘We are coming to take back what belongs to us’

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Norway’s Churches Are Burning

H/T Chris

Mohammedan invaders destroy Europe’s treasures

One of Norway’s largest wooden churches burnt to the ground in the early morning of Monday. The rococo church from 1760 was set afire.

Attempt was also made to set afire the stone church only a few kilometers away from this wooden church.

Local police has required assistance from the national criminal police, Kripos, in investigating the fire.

Three churches hit during the same night at the cities Skien and Porsgrunn

A twenty minutes’ walk, 700 meters, away from the burnt down church, windows were smashed at the Catholic church.

11 thoughts on “No Riots in France After Muslim 'Yoots' Try to Kill Jew”

  1. Young American soldiers died fighting the Nazi so that Europe could be free, and for what? so that an inferior group of people who follow an inferior religion can push their agenda on their adopted countries and tell those native to that land how to act, how to dress and how to worship? Is this what political correctness amounts to? All I can write to the people of Norway is this – protect your religion and culture just like the Muslim protects his. the muslim is a savage. treat him like thus. And all of you stop being a bunch of cowards. Kick their ass*s.

  2. We have leaders who will not lead, in a war against an enemy they refuse to name, and which they seek in vain to appease.

  3. Every now and again the Jews demonstrate their lemming-like qualities. Surely if some senior Jewish spokesperson were to issue a statement like “4000 years ago ritual slaughter was probably the most humane way of doing things, but this is now not the case. There is no longer a requirement for ritual slaughter”
    That would leave the koranimals isolated.

  4. Urban,
    When an animal is slaughtered in line with Kosher guidelines the whole animal is dedicated to G-d almighty. The meat contains no blood as blood is life and G-d forbids us to eat anything containing blood and fat.

    There is a whole in-depth process to Kosher, (Kashrut- Biblical food Laws) it isn’t a matter of mass slaughter then get it onto the shelf for a quick sale.

    Also the Lemming like quality is a way that a lot of Jews have been able to survive in hostile countries. We don’t advocate or pursue revenge that’s something better left up to G-d himself although I must admit I struggle with this myself.
    ‘The best revenge is to live life well’ Talmud.

  5. @urban
    Kosher slaughtering is much more sophisticated than halal slaughtering. The new Dutch law is actually a law that Muslims benefit from, because the law states that animals should be numbed first. Because halal slaughtering does not have specific rules Muslims will be able to still slaughter the animal in the halal way. For Jews is will be much more complicated.

  6. Jews stunned animals in the UK for decades – Koscher has to do with bleeding out – not with torture.
    It may take a little while longer, but it IS more humane.
    Halal is saying a prayer – stunning won’t make a difference because no-one is listening anyway.

    It is very simple:
    What do we – the people – consider more important – to save animals needless suffering – or to pamper outdated superstition?

    Do I even need to answer it?

  7. sheik, you might wanna lay low for a while on the norwegian church-burning. Believe it or not, in later years it has almost exclusively been norwegian satanists, who have burned the old wooden churches.

    … just saying

  8. Hate to see it.

    But Islam is also satan worship, and the old bridge in Lucerne was also burned by a Chechnyan ‘asylum seeker’- (muslim)

  9. You run from police…You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police…You get a monument built in your honor…and the police go on trial!

    This proceeding rewards criminality, reinforces a dhimmi posture on the part of French authorities toward the Islamic community, and hastens France’s cultural and societal demise. An update on this story. “2 French police to stand trial in deaths of teens,” by Pierre-Antoine Souchard for The Associated Press, October 22 (thanks to JW):

    PARIS — Two French police officers will stand trial accused of failing to save the lives of two teens whose 2005 deaths sparked weeks of riots around the country, lawyers said Friday.
    The officers will face charges of “non-assistance to a person in danger,” said a lawyer for the victims’ families, Jean-Pierre Mignard. The charge carries up to five years in prison and up to euro75,000 ($95,400) in fines.

    Two boys, 15-year-old Bouna Traore and 17-year-old Zyed Benna, died while hiding from police in a power substation in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois on Oct. 27, 2005 when they were electrocuted. Another boy with them suffered severe burns.

    Local youths blamed the police for the deaths and exploded in anger, setting cars ablaze and smashing store windows. That tapped a deep well of frustration among largely minority youth in poor housing projects nationwide, and fiery unrest spread across the country, raging for three weeks in the nation’s housing projects. Tensions between youths and police still plague such neighborhoods….

    The lawyer for the police officers, Daniel Merchat, said his clients were “sacrificed on the altar of public opinion” and that there was not enough evidence of a crime….

    An internal police review of the electrocutions faulted police officers for their handling of the incident. It confirmed the officers had been chasing the teens before they were killed, which the Interior Ministry and police had initially denied. The report said officers should immediately have notified French energy company EDF that the youths were hiding in the power station.

    The rioting “youths” of France: ‘outbursts of hate and anti-French racism’

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