Sex is the cure for suicide bombers, sez far left TV clown Bill Maher

Leftist brain-farts:

Suicide bombers can be cured with sex, sez Bill Maher:

Maher should try to talk to these guys. Obviously, they don’t seem to get the message:

War is deceit,” Muhammad said, and “the attack came during a meeting between Afghan soldiers and ISAF mentors.”

“Uniformed suicide bomber kills 9 at Afghan military base,” from CNN, April 16:

‘Allahu akbar’ in Indonesia:

I guess all they need is more mosques. Australia needs to give them just a little more jiziya:

Good thing they’re spending all that time and money to keep Indonesia “safe” fromChristians and Ahmadis, eh? “West Java, for the first time a suicide bomber blows himself up inside a mosque. 28 [wounded],” from AsiaNews, April 15:

One thought on “Sex is the cure for suicide bombers, sez far left TV clown Bill Maher”

  1. Does Maher equate suicide bombings with boxing matches?

    Bill Maher obviously hasn’t studied the mind of the Muslim and found out what sociopaths they are. They are not only capable suicide bombers but serial rapists and sexual deviants, and it all derives from their emulation of their prophet Muhammad.

    It also stems from their cultural restrictions on the sight of woman flesh.
    If you deprive someone of something they want more of it. It’s like the first visit to the “candy store” as a young boy or your first visit to a “nudist colony”as a young man…you still always get the “hard-rock” or “rock-hard”, whichever way you look at it.

    Islamist men need multiple wives just to satisfy their hunger for more, especially pre-teen girls. Just the sight of a girl not wearing a cloth body bag drives them around the bend.
    They are the male versions of nymphomaniacs.

    So Maher’s theory that “sex can cure suicide bombers” is chock-full of holes. His comment was a result of poor writing staff, with lack of creative enthusiasm, I suspect.

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