The Latest Pic's from Occupied France


Will France survive? French interior minister calls for less immigration

The opposition Socialist Party and the organization SOS Racism have already condemned Guéant’s statement as a “provocation”….

What a surprise.

Thanks to PI:

Pic’s from Paris:  8. April 2011

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Andy Choudary Busted in France

Anjem Choudary banned in France

The Baron has the story:

Here’s the Sky News report on Anjem Choudary as promised earlier by Nick. It seems that Andy has got himself into a spot of bother with the Parisian gendarmes for protesting the implementation of the burqa ban:

Radical Cleric’s ‘Outrage’ Over French Ban

The radical cleric Anjem Choudary has been permanently banned from entering France, Sky News has learned.Read more »

8 thoughts on “The Latest Pic's from Occupied France”

  1. I wonder if that guy Andy spends even a minute of any given day NOT being outraged about something.

    So, bad baddy bad France wants to take away the KKK-like apparel so dear to our invaders? Even – horror – letting women show their faces, undoubtably leading to thousands of muselomaniacs being completely unable to resist their rapist urges?

    If the French would only follow through on it. Arrest, arrest, and crack down, without mercy. Then perhaps other European nations would be inspired to do the same. And then, who knows, perhaps nations would start prosecuting the m-maniacs for honour murders and other transgressions committed in the name of their twisted sick ideology too. Come on you French!

  2. Having thrown down the gauntlet, it is imperative that France uphold the law banning the wearing of the burkha in public. If they do not uphold this modest law, then this is tantamount to submitting to Islam and thus the Islamisation of France will be almost complete.
    This would be a dark day for France and a harbinger of things to come for the rest of Europe.

  3. This is a beat up, the same as here when Rev Nile tried to get a ban passed

    It is not about the burqa per se, it is about ALL FACE COVERINGS

  4. if they dont stand, they surely “WILL” fall…and then like dominoes shall all of europe submit…multi-cultural ,group hug, cant we all just get along scenarios are “dead”..let L.A N.Y & the rest of the safe house cities implode within themselves…arrogance and stupidity can no longer continue to effect individual lives….1 plus me plus you plus “us” will be the only solution or remedy… whether government or minority agendas, we the people shall instill commonsense once again…

  5. What would have really made my day is if the UK had promptly forbidden this Cowdry fella to enter England or the UK once he was on the bus/ferry back from France. Then he would have been on the high seas in the middle of the channel with nowhere to go…. Ha! Ha!… but, of course, the weak-kneed, yellow, lilly-livered, cowardly UK politicians would never do that… it would be oh sooo much bad for PC and MC… well, I say, up yours UK Gov and FCO… take your PC and MC and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  6. Bravo la France! We Australians salute you! Marine Le Pen for 2012, then the muslims will get their ass kick out of France.

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