Turning America into Oturdistan

Given his radical background, some have suspected that Buraq Hussein Obama’s catastrophic performance is a result of his deliberate intention to destroy the country he was brought up to hate. Although this theory is certainly supported by his rhetoric and his endless disgracefulapologizing for America, there could be a more innocuous explanation:    Obama’s Performance Explained (Moonbattery)

Adding insult to injury; the latest brainfarts from the undocumented parvenu in the white house:

$ 20 million for a Paki Sesame Street?

Obama makes U.S. spend $20 million to remake Sesame Street for Pakistan

I can’t wait for the episode in which Cookie Monster straps on a bomb vest and blows himself up in a crowd of Infidels.

The real problem with all these hearts and minds initiatives, besides how they drain the U.S. Treasury, is that they won’t work. A few episodes of Sesame Street are not going to change the text of the Qur’an or efface the jihad imperative.

“US to fund $20m remake of Sesame Street for Pakistan,” from BBC News via JW…..

Mark Levin: ‘This Is a Historic Scam’

Explaining the BS and the culture of corruption both parties are guilty of:


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  1. Yes, a country ready to financially implode is making excellent financial decisions by deciding to spend millions on a cartoon show for Pakistanis who could care less as long as we keep paying them off/sarc off .I can see why it would be the anointed one’s fiscal priority but it certainly wouldn’t be mine, but then I’m not a closet muslim.

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