UK: Illegal Mohammed Murders 'Brilliant' Student

A (Musel-) man convicted of the murder of a brilliant schoolgirl who hoped to go to Oxford University was an illegal immigrant who was free to kill her following a series of blunders by immigration officials.  (Thanks to ROP)

Trail of terror: Mohammed Smoured was free to kill Agnes Sina-Inakoju following a series of immigration blunders. (Mail Online)

Andrew Gilligan takes a dive….  under the burqa

You’d think Gilligan had enough sense not to fall for the Musel-BS, but it appears they took him for a sucker. And he swallows, too:

Why banning the veil would only cover up the real problems for British Muslims:

British Muslim women tell Andrew Gilligan why they wear the veil as debate mounts over the French “burka ban”.

War on Christians:

Brtish Council Bans Cross, but Defends ‘Discreet’ Burqa…


5 troops killed in Afghanistan bombing are all Americans

Unrest in Arab world


7 thoughts on “UK: Illegal Mohammed Murders 'Brilliant' Student”

  1. Sheik..any news on the threats against William, Harry etc? Supposed to be from a group called Muslims against Crusades..a demo on the day of the royal wedding and a threat that if Prince Will and Harry don’t withdraw from the military ,they will turn the wedding day into a ”nightmare.” Sunday Express newspaper UK news/royal rehersal

  2. Seriously, though, Andrew Gilligan does believe that women should also have the right not to cover their heads.
    Islamic law in Britain makes it mandatory for a woman to cover herself. It should be the right of every woman to go uncovered or covered, depending on her choice, without being beaten by her husband or being shunned by the umma for not doing so. That is true freedom and women in Islam do not have that right.

    The burka and niqab are symbols of repression when they are enforced on women.
    If women are fearful of being raped or treated like some piece of meat there are other ways of making themselves “un-beautiful”. The Mennnonites, Hutterites and other Anabaptists have done this in there communes by wearing “plain dress” that looks like it’s out of the seventeenth century.

    Perhaps Muslims should live in communes.

  3. Communes?How about we deport them to another planet where they would be free to murder each other with impunity?

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