UK past the point of no return….

UK Universities ‘Hotbeds’ of Muslim Extremism…(RoP)

One could get the idea that Islam and ‘Extremism’ are not far apart…..

British Islamist Claims Royal Wedding a ‘Legitimate’ Target

Killing unbelievers is a ‘a small matter’ to muslims, so we’re all ‘legitimate targets’…..

London’s Finsbury Park mosque a “a key transit facility,” and “an attack planning and propaganda production base”

This story is best read in tandem with the Telegraph editorial posted here earlier, detailing how Britain and other European countries are funding their own destruction. “WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London to attack Western targets,” from the Telegraph

“Everywhere in Britain Islamism is taxpayer-funded, the welfare system helping to fill idle young minds with poison”

Also included in this editorial is the fact that Anjem Choudary receives £25,000 a year in benefits. Are they afraid taking it away might “radicalize” him? No, that ship has sailed.

Al BeBeeCeera part of “possible propaganda media network” for al-Qaeda

No surprises here….

As if this hadn’t been obvious for years. And what about all the other useful idiots in the mainstream media? “WikiLeaks: Leaked files accuse BBC of being part of a ‘possible propaganda media network,'” by Christopher Hope for the Telegraph, April 25

Useful idiocy at its finest: British aid budget funded key aide to al-Qaeda

Fantasy-based policymaking aids and abets those who will to destroy us. “Wikileaks: British aid budget funded key aide to al-Qaeda,” by Holly Watt in the Telegraph, April 25

Rageboys Take  Grievances to Court

Some Pockets of Resistance Remain:


Islam is ‘morally flawed and degenerate’

Abhijit Pandya, an Indian-origin candidate for the Leicester South byelection, has sparked fury by making critical remarks about Islam in his blog less than a week before the May 5 elections.

Pandya, 31, is the candidate for the UK Independence Party, which is opposed to Britain’s membership of the European Union.

On his blog, Pandya called Islam “morally flawed and degenerate” and said he backed Geert Wilders, a controversial Dutch politician who allegedly called Islam a retarded ideology.

He wrote: “A theological system that fundamentally encourages discrimination between those who believe it and those who don’t, treating the latter as second-class citizens, is backward. A system that treats women as slaves without chains is morally flawed and degenerate.

“Cultural practices in many parts of the world which include child marriages and the death penalty for practising homosexuality are reminders that man is capable of going back to the dark ages very quickly.”

He goes on to ask: “Why should Britain, the country that fathered the modern world, put up with this, as Wilder’s [sic] put it, ‘retarded ideology’.”

Pandya wrote: “Islamic culture inherently rejects the Western way of life, more specifically the Protestant work ethic that has successfully built the economies of the West.

“It is also fundamentally socially intolerant, closing itself off to the rest of society and local communities and forming ghettos that are economically dysfunctional and ethically espouse, perhaps without realising it, intolerance that undermines both social and human capital”.

Deccan Herald, 27 April 2011


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  1. The UK is done as is France and Germany. We are on our way there as well unless we wake up and vote EVERY dhimmi out of office come 2012. They just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the 4ton gorilla in the corner, the very same one that wants to kill and eat them. What maroons huh?

  2. * UK past the point of no return….

    ….successfully taken down from within, with little resistance from the major parties and politicians.

  3. Thank goodness for figures such as Abhijit Pandya who bravely stand up against the rising tide of islamification.

    I see he also supported Geert Wilders’s successful appeal against the UK government’s ban. Good on him.

  4. UK: Former Foreign Office minister admits that political correctness led Britain to shelter jihadis

    And there is no indication that this isn’t still going on. “Being too PC led us to shelter terrorists, says ex-minister,” by Martin Bentham in the London Evening Standard, April 27 (thanks to JW):

    A former Labour minister admitted today that political correctness had led Britain to offer shelter to violent extremists.
    Kim Howells, a former Foreign Office minister, said Tony Blair’s government and other administrations had been afraid to criticise the conduct of radical preachers and others because they feared being accused of racism.

    He said the policy had been pursued even though there was plenty of intelligence about the “evil” intent of such extremists and that it was only reversed after the 7/7 bombings. Mr Howells also said that he had been unable to find a single imam willing to say publicly that suicide bombers would go to hell. He further criticised a reluctance in Muslim communities to condemn the “murderous actions” of terrorists.

    His comments came as a leaked diplomatic cable, published today by WikiLeaks, revealed Britain had been warned years before the London bombings to stop giving asylum to “very dangerous” terrorists.

    The cable, sent by a former military attaché to the Algerian embassy in Washington on July 12 2005, told US diplomats that Britain had allowed extremists to raise money for terrorist causes.

    “Did the English consider the risks of allowing Londonistan to develop?” the cable states. “The British thought that sheltering terrorists was a good solution, but they did not realise that one can never align oneself with the devil, and they did precisely that for years and years.”…


  5. * they feared being accused of racism

    But apparently were happy to accuse others of “racism”.

  6. It is not too late to either deport or execute these scum. England and the UK will be better when the mohammedans have been removed – they contribute NOTHING!

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