Violent Rhetoric

Muslims caught ‘dispelling myth’s’ again:

A MOSQUE in western Sydney was selling copies of the inflammatory anti-Semitic book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the same weekend it opened its doors to the wider community to dispel some of the myths surrounding Islam.  Not reassuring at all in dispelling “myths”:  Protocol at Lakemba

Denmark:  Only Muslims  are Allowed to Call for Death to the Troops

It’s the very same illogic that prevails in Sweden, where a Mosque sold tapes that vilified Jews and called for their deaths.

On one tape, which featured a picture of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, the Hamas leader that Israel assassinated in March 2004, said: “Oh God, eradicate the Jews, Oh God, eradicate the Jews, Oh God, eradicate the Jews! Oh God, curse them and banish them and let them be whipped by suffering. Oh God, over heaven and earth!”

Thanks to KGS we have a new Rage Boy:

According to Swedish Radio, the tape also spoke of “Jews as vermin, as brothers of monkeys and pigs, and that there is no solution to the Jews but a jihad – a holy war”.

Now go an call for the death of Muslims and see what happens!

So remember folks, in this present day and age of Leftist multiculturalism and political correctness that has hamstrung common sense and rational thinking, nonsense such as this is not only approved of, it passes for normal.  Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids for this important contribution. (More below the fold)

New Civility From CNN, Tingles & Other Hysterics


Howard Kurtz: Why No Outrage Over Democrat Saying Republicans Want to Kill Women?

As NewsBusters previously reported, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday Republican freshmen in the House “are here to kill women.”Read More Paints Would-be Mosque-burner as Anti-Muslim Radical, Omits That He’s Muslim

CNN has, for years, touted itself as “The Most Trusted Name in News,” and yet time and again it belies its own claim to unique (among cable news networks) political neutrality. editor Dan Gilgoff has once again undercut the channel’s gimmicky self-identification.Read More

Chris Matthews: Republicans Are ‘Going for the Kill! Want to Fight to the Death!’

Tingles  has clearly forgotten all the concern over violent rhetoric he and his colleagues expressed in January after the tragic shootings in Tucson.Read More

Mark Levin Challenges David Gregory To Report Recent Violent Rhetoric From Democrats

Despite it being only three months since Democrats and their media minions sharply criticized “violent rhetoric” and imagery in the wake of the tragic shootings in Tucson, left-leaning elected officials have been regularly using such language in regards to the budget battle without the slightest outrage from America’s so-called journalists.Read More

Touting Study, Islamic Agit-Prop Cenk Uighur  Claims Conservatives Like To ‘Campaign on Fear’–Ignores ‘Death-Trap’ Dems

Cenk apparently couldn’t recall that Dems spent the last week . . . fear-mongering the Republican budget proposal.  Cenk, does Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s immortal “death trap” phrase mean anything to you?

View video after the jump.  Read More

Police: legal to debate Muslim “armed resistance”


A police investigation has cleared Islamic organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir of any wrongdoing in connection with a public debate in January that focused on “the duty of armed resistance for Muslims in Afghanistan and surrounding nations”.

The meeting was roundly criticised, partly because Hizb ut-Tahrir had illustrated the invitation to their meeting with pictures of Scandinavian soldiers returning home from the war in coffins.

The police opened an investigation because the invitation to the meeting could be read as a call to armed rebellion, reports Berlingske newspaper.

“The invitation’s statement that passivity is unacceptable for a Muslim can probably be read in a variety of ways,” said police lawyer Dorit Borgaard. “But we believe there is insufficient evidence to prove that Hizb ut-Tahrir has done anything criminal if we compare the invitation with their follow-up press release and what their representative said at the meeting.”

The comments were made as part of a public debate about Denmark’s participation in the war in Afghanistan. In such a situation the freedom of speech should carry some weight, said Borgaard.

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