Casino Jihad USA

Last week we had this:

Burqa  Momma Evicted From Casino

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – A Muslim woman says she was embarrassed when given a difficult choice at Caesars Atlantic City last weekend: take off the traditional face covering that only shows her eyes or leave the casino. (Fox) Nothing ‘traditional’ about it. Its annoying how thoughtless the enemedia parrots this rubbish. But the Muslims will not give up trying to force this on us….

This is new:

Obama’s Muslim Outreach Chick / Muslim Mich Lawmaker Targets Casinos

For years, we’ve been told by Muslims that they are loyal Americans and don’t seek to enact Islamic law, also known as sharia, on us or replace western laws in America with Koranic ones. But that’s false, and the latest example is Michigan’s first elected female Muslim legislator, who doubled as Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim outreach chieftess during his first Presidential campaign.   (corrected link thanks to Mullah)

Rashida Tlaib: Muslim Legislator Seeks to Enact Sharia on Gambling in Michigan Read the rest of this entry  (Debbie Schlussel)»

Street Cleaner Jihad

UK: Muslims who plotted to kill Pope overheard saying that a “Christian should be killed for every page that was damaged” of the Qur’an

Loose lips sink ships, akhi! Next time stick to the “Islam is a Religion of Peace” theme when out among the kuffar!

“Street cleaners arrested in Pope ‘plot’ were overheard discussing attack,” by Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph, May 16  (JW)

Just down the road from where Terry Jones first talked of burning a Quran, two other religious leaders were arrested for conspiracy to murder, maim and kidnap victims overseas in the name of their god. Can you guess which deity that happens to be?

Too busy investigating fake ‘hate crimes’ against Muslims”

FBI won’t investigate jihad synagogue bomb plot — it isn’t “terrorism”

More on this story. “FBI Task Force Refuses to Join ‘Hyped’ New York City Terror Case,” from, May 15 (thanks to Pamela Geller)

Arab-Israelis Plotted to Bomb Mosque – Frame Jews…

Nakbacide (Sultan Knish)

“In Muslim culture time never passes. The words, ‘You Lost a War, Get Over It’, have no meaning.”

3 thoughts on “Casino Jihad USA”

  1. * Rashida Tlaib: Muslim Legislator Seeks to Enact Sharia on Gambling in Michigan

    Gives a 404 error, but probably similar to this?

    [Bill introduced to hike Detroit taxes on casinos
    Darren A. Nichols / / The Detroit News

    Detroit— A bill that will increase the amount of taxes the three casinos pay to the city was introduced in Lansing, city officials said this evening.

    The controversial bill would raise $20 million in the upcoming budget by increasing taxes on casinos by 3 percentage points for one year. It was introduced by state Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Detroit.]

    * Folks aren’t flying into Detroit to gamble (?). I get the impression that anyone flying into Detroit is gambling with their life – especially if flying imams are prepping for a CAIR sting on the flight.

  2. (more on Rashida Tlaib)

    Anger because immigration officers (ICE) apparently did their duty:

    [Speaking at a press conference a week after the raid, school principal Ali Abdel and other locals said the ICE raid had left the school a “ghost town.” The People’s World reported:

    Speakers laid the blame for the outrageous actions at the feet of the Detroit ICE director, Rebecca Adducci. Democratic State Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who represents the area, said such actions are becoming a pattern under Adducci, with reports of agents setting up checkpoints and watching schools, churches and supermarkets.]

    * Agents watched schools, churches and shops, but not mosques???
    I find that very hard to believe.

  3. USA follows once-Great Britain down the gurgler – carries out culturally sensitive mosque raids …

    Mosque With Terrorist Ties Raided With Cultural Sensitivity

    [Liberty Alerts, Corruption Chronicles

    In the Obama Administration’s shameless effort to appease Muslims, a federal raid on a south Florida mosque with terrorist ties was conducted under new rules of engagement to assure cultural sensitivity towards Islam.

    The culturally sensitive raid led to the arrest of a Pakistani imam (Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali Khan) at a Miami mosque and five others, including his sons, daughter and grandson.]

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