Egypt blames da Jooozzz

Who else? 1400 years of “itbach ya Yahood” and still there are Jews living in their own state?  Can’t have that:

(Ynet) — Tens of thousands of Egyptians gathered at Cairo’s Tahrir Square Friday ahead of “Nakba Day,” which will be marked by the “Palestinians” in two days to commemorate the “disaster” inherent in the State of Israel’s establishment. (H/T ZIP)

The ongoing attacks on the Christian Copts

‘Women are deficient in intelligence’

Muhammad, profit of Islam

Egypt: Woman whose abduction claim helped spark anti-Christian rampages changes story, gives conflicting accounts in separate interviews

Or, a woman claiming to be that woman. Only the first interview with an Islamic group was reportedly done in person. After all, “War is deceit.” “Woman Who Sparked Muslim Attacks on Christians in Egypt is Under Investigation,” by Mary Abdelmassih for the Assyrian International News Agency, May 13:

Don’t encourage Mideast revolutions!

Gregory III doesn’t explain why Christians will be the first victims of these revolutions, and he has blamed the Zionists in the past, but the real reason why Christians stand to be the first victims of these revolutions, and why they should not be encouraged, is that they will bring Sharia and the institutionalized subjugation of non-Muslims.

“Don’t encourage Arab revolutions, Melkite patriarch tells Western leaders,” by Benjamin Mann for Catholic News Agency, May 7

“Arab Spring” doesn’t mean freedom and democracy. It means the religious cleansing of Christian communities that date back to the time of Jesus. (Bloomberg)

Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Run for President of Egypt (Pamela)

You know his victory is inevitable.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood enters coalition with Salafi groups to seek Islamic state

I tried to tell you. “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Salafi pact puts Egyptian Christians in great danger,” by Michael Weiss in the Telegraph, May 13

80 roasted for ‘revenge’

Payback: Taliban Suicide Bombers Kill 80 in Pakistan to ‘Avenge’ bin Laden’s Death

“We have done this to avenge the Abbottabad incident.”  Read More»

Binnie the Porn Addict?

Who Was Watching Porn at the OBL Compound?

“fairly extensive”   Read More »

Egyptian bishop: If Muslims who attack Christians are not held accountable, “reconciliation is just theater”

The army will pursue the path of least resistance and least effort to keep the peace, preferring selective action and a policy of steam-control. The Islamic movements will only take advantage of that.

Where anarchy appears to be breaking out in the short term, it is only a prelude to the imposition of Sharia in the long term, as those Islamic movements create a “problem” of chaos for which to offer Sharia as a “solution,” and as the only prospect for peace in the war of their own making. “Egyptian bishop warns of ‘anarchy’ after church attacks,” from EWTN News, May 12:

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  1. I have problems that affect my life for various reasons and I normally don’t search for a scapegoat? It would be so much easier if I laid the fault somewhere else.Da Joooooooozz!! …Much better,my ignorance has left me for the moment.

  2. Blame the Joooz is always the cry. Islam is a failed unit in the 21st century, it is self destructing at every turn. They have to face up to the fact that Islam kills more of it’s own than the rest of it’s so-called enemies put together. But hey, they can carry on kicking themselves when they’re down. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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