Hear No Evil, See No Evil….

Syria’s regime slaughters hundreds of protestors and the corrupt UN still wants to reward them with $ 38 million in aid?

You got it baby. Ban Ki Moonbat won’t let you down:

(FOX News) — While Syria’s government is killing hundreds of pro-democracy protesters, the United Nations Development Program, or UNDP, is considering whether to approve a $38 million, five-year aid program for Damascus, to continue what it calls “a well-functioning partnership with the government.”


Never mind the ‘pro-democracy’ protesters. Lets take a closer look:

First of all, lets blame da Joooozzz:

Iranian Envoy Blames US, Israel for Developments in Syria:  The demonstrators wonder “why are we being shot at, we’re not Israelis?”

Israel troubled:

Approval of the plan is on the agenda for the next meeting of the development agency’s 36-member Executive Board, slated to begin on June 6.

The U.S. is among a dozen Western nations that are board members. Among other things, the program calls for UNDP to “continue to work closely with the government of Syria,” led by President Bashar Assad, while strengthening its collaboration with “NGOs [non-government organizations], the private sector, the donor community and local authorities”—all of which may be impossible to do amid the Assad regime’s ugly crackdown and its aftermath.

The proposal says little about political conditions under the Syrian dictatorship, except to note mildly that the country’s “democratic governance needs strengthening.”

When queried about whether the program would be approved as scheduled, a UNDP spokesman told Fox News that the question of whether to go ahead with the approval “is currently under discussion.”

Members of the U.N.’s on-the-ground country team in Syria, which is lead by UNDP, “will revert to us on their recommendations soon,” the spokesman added.

Draft documents outlining the Syrian program, along with those for a handful of other Arab nations currently facing political turmoil, are not available on the UNDP website, even though similar programs for countries ranging from Ethiopia to Honduras are already posted.

Fox News obtained a copy of the Syria document, which optimistically projects that by 2015, with UNDP “enabling” support worth about $12.4 million, the Assad regime will be embarked on a major administrative reform program, “and will ensure increased participation of civil society and the private sector in the reform process.”

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  1. Banky sucks, he is just another useful idiot dupe for islamorageboys who has too much damned power. If we had a pro-America president rather than the sandal licking shariah shilling jackass that we have now, perhaps we could get out of the UN and kick their sorry scofflaw asses out of NYC as well.

  2. Muslims know the terror comes from from the mosques:

    Syria: ‘Security forces’ storm mosque killing at least six

    Saraa, 23 March (AKI) – At least six people were killed in the the southern Syrian city of Saraa when security forces stormed a mosque in the centre of the city firing on demonstrators, according to news reports.
    Protesters had sought refuge in the Omari mosque early Wednesday in a violent crackdown on dissent in the city that has become the hotbed of anti-government protests, news reports said, citing witnesses.
    State news agency SANA blamed an “armed gang” for the violence.
    Violence by forces loyal to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Tuesday called for a probe into the violence over the weekend by forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.when half a dozen people died.
    “The government should carry out an independent, transparent and effective investigation into the killings of the six protesters during the events of 18 and 20 March,” Rupert Colville, a spokesman for commissioner Navi Pillay, said on Tuesday.
    Those killed on Wednesday included a doctor from a prominent Daraa family who went to the Omari mosque to help victims of the attack, according to residents.
    Before the attack on the mosque, electricity was cut off in the area and telephone services were severed

  3. * independent, transparent and effective investigation


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