Monday Night With Mullah Omar & Pat Condell

“Mullah Omar in ‘Secure Place'” (Lucky devil…SMH says he’s dead….)

Arab Spring…


“Did the Navy SEALS get proper Muslim sensitivity training before taking out Osama bin Laden?”

“Thankfully, America didn’t hand bin Laden over to an army of liberal human rights lawyers eager to show he was suffering from low self-esteem and should be entitled to counseling and compensation.

Islamic Revolutions”

“We are witnessing an Islamic spirit in the Arab revolutions, and I prefer to call them Islamic Revolutions”

“This has been the divine power and the power of Islam which has led the revolutionary people in the regional countries to victory….”

The Children, the children:

Paki Offerings:

Brazen, prolonged attack by Pakistani Taliban on Karachi air base “will revive fears about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear installations”- An update on this story. “Pakistan: Troops ‘end attack’ on Karachi naval air base,” from BBC News, May 23 via JW

Pakistan: Jihadis bomb two U.S. consulate vehicles

More revenge for the killing of Osama bin Laden, which of course all Muslims except for a Tiny Minority of Extremists heartily applauded. “Pakistan Taliban Claims Attack on US Diplomatic Convoy,” by Phil Ittner for VOA News, May 20

It’s come to this. For jihadists to stage an open attack a military installation in a major city is a serious escalation and a direct consequence of Pakistan’s double game, selectively tolerating and attempting to leverage jihadist movements against its enemies and rivals. “Militants attack Pakistan navy base, four dead,” from Reuters, May 22:

The Taliban are continuing their trend of going after softer targets like banks, malls, and hospitals for maximum disruption and terror. “Taliban hit Khost police station,” from UPI, May 22: