Prominent British Scientist warns that the level of inbreeding among the nation’s Muslims is endangering the health of future generations…

Too late. This has been going on for centuries. Muslims are damaged goods on arrival. But  Bradford also has the First Muslim Woman Lord Mayor


The geneticist said that it was common in the Islamic world for men to marry their nieces and cousins.

He said that Bradford has a particular problem and warned that it could affect the health of children born into these marriages.

Prof Jones, who lectures at University College London, is likely to find himself at the centre of controversy in the wake of the comments.

Similar remarks made by Phil Woolas, a Labour environment minister, in 2008 resulted in calls for him to be sacked from the government.

Prof Jones, who writes for the Telegraph’s science pages, told an audience at the Hay Festival: “There may be some evidence that cousins marrying one another can be harmful.

“Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.”

“It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually closer than marrying your cousin.

“We should be concerned about that as there can be a lot of hidden genetic damage. Children are much more likely to get two copies of a damaged gene.”

He added: “Bradford is very inbred. There is a huge amount of cousins marrying each other there.” Research in Bradford has found that babies born to Pakistani women are twice as likely to die in their first year as babies born to white mothers, with genetic problems linked to inbreeding identified as a “significant” cause.

Studies have found that within the city, more than 70 per cent of marriages are between relations, with more than half involving first cousins.

Separate studies have found that while British Pakistanis make up three per cent of all births, they account for one in three British children born with genetic illnesses. Prof Jones also said that incest was more common than is often realised in every part of society, adding that it had been particular prevalent among royalty and suggested it is still ­continuing.

“Royal families are the human equivalent of fruit flies because they do all the sexual experiments you can think of and there are some examples of inbreeding.

“Royalty did it to keep the heritage within the family line.

“Inbreeding doesn’t apply particularly to our own royal family, but there is some.”

He explained that Prince Charles and Diana could both be traced back to Edward I, with Prince Charles being able to do this through 3,000 “lines” – overlapping connections between people in his family tree – and his former wife being able to do it through 4,000, making the Princess of Wales “from stronger aristocratic heritage” than her husband.

“Their parents had much ancestry in common,” he said.

“We are all more incestuous than we realise.

“In Northern Ireland lots of people share the same surname which suggests a high level of inbreeding.

“There’s a lot of surname diversity in London but if you look at the Outer Herbrides there are rather fewer surnames in relation to the number of people.”


5 thoughts on “Prominent British Scientist warns that the level of inbreeding among the nation’s Muslims is endangering the health of future generations…”

  1. I agree that inbreeding is a bad thing but its not necessarily down to Islam. The inhabitants of Bradford are predominantly PAKISTANIS and it is this that makes them inbred . The fact that they are also Muslims is just a coincidence. Cousin marriages, and arranged marriages which are the cause of most of them, are a Pakistan and Indian Sub continent phenomenon amongst both Muslims and Hindus and not so common other Asian Mohammedan countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Interbreeding is a PAKISTANI problem not an Islamic problem.
    Does explain the RAGE BOY drop of a hat rioters though.

  2. Why are they telling us this? We already know it. The Muslims are too stupid to understand it. So, what’s the point?

  3. What an interesting and ironic article! I’m IN IRAQ now, training Iraqi Air Force Officers in the skill of Air Traffic Control. One of my students is actually marrying his FIRST COUSIN on his mothers side by arrangement, as is the prevalent custom over here, still!

    There were a few of us standing there when he brought it up in a mixed conversation and we all immediately just started looking at each other, bec’ we knew exactly what that meant…genetically.

    LOL, I was like “WOW!”…really? First cousins huh, that’s really nice….NOT! I swear, this society is like a pack of breading rats spilling out into the rest of humanity and destroying it piece by piece! WOW!

    By the way, Thank You, this and every day, to all of my fallen brethren, from ALL the services. God Bless You All, and those loved-ones left behind on this earth. You are not forgotten. (Fellow Vet)

    1. Thanks David.

      Very much appreciated! We like hearing from you more often. Have a great Memorial Day and greet your fellow soldiers from us!

  4. Sheik,
    And thank YOU, so very much for all that you do and make us aware of. Without your Patriotic American service and that of the other, ie. JW, AS, etc, as I see it, so many of us we be so “in the blind” about what our DISGRACE of a POTUS and his dirt-bag associates have done to our wonderful Country and what a threat we face in ISLAM, Sharia Law, The Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

    I donate as I can to support these efforts and spread the word like wild fire to ALL my friends (whether they want to hear it or not). Like the saying goes, “You can lead a Camel, lol, to water, but you can’t make him drink”, so if they don’t prepare themselves and take action to fight this, all I will be able to say for them is “Hey, I told ya’. Ya shoulda’ listened”.

    God Bless You Sheik and fellow TRUE Americans, and stay safe out there, Dark Days are soon ahead in MHO.


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