Spain: Freedom Sack Unappreciated

The freedom sack, voluntarily chosen by Muslim women to keep them safe from corrupting western evils like fashion, (or from being beaten to a pulp by their owners) didn’t  work its magic on this one:

Moroccan (Musel-)Man on Trial for Forcing Wife to Wear Burqa

Muslim on trial for ‘total control’ of his wife

A MUSLIM woman has reported her husband for forcing her to wear a veil in public in a landmark case which could encourage more oppressed Arab women to fight back.

(Can’t say I share this optimism. I smell another ‘honor killing’ in the making….)

The Moroccan national, who lives in La Seu d’Urgell (Lleida) says her husband forced her to cover her face in public, and forbade her from speaking Spanish to anyone or looking them directly in the face.   (source)


Outrage in Spain (via RoP)

(Video) Muslim immigration into Spain is creating the same problems as elsewhere. When will Europeans connect the dots?