Standard Fare in Every Mosque

Yasir Qadhi – Christians are Polytheists

Not only:  they are also kafir, (or kuffar) Ten things are Najisul ‘Ayn (essentially najis): urine, feces, semen, dead body, blood, dog, pig, kafir, alcoholic liquors,

Muslim Brotherhood:

“America is the worlds biggest terrorist”

Muslim Brotherhood leader Kamal Helbawy told attendees at last weekend’s International Conference on Global Alliance against Terrorism for a Just Peace (under Islam) in Tehran.   (Read more at: IPT)

The UN sings along:

The UN Condemns Israel for Nakba Day Violence

“I am shocked by the number of the deaths and the use of disproportionate, deadly force by the Israeli Defense Forces against apparently unarmed demonstrators, which I condemn,” said Michael Williams, UN’s Special Coordinator for Lebanon.

8 thoughts on “Standard Fare in Every Mosque”

  1. * “I am shocked by the number of the deaths and the use of disproportionate, deadly force by the Israeli Defense Forces …

    They will have reason to be “shocked” before this is over, but the IDF is the least of their worries.

  2. We can discount any statements coming from UN Mouthpieces, me thinks.
    Western Nations ought to stop funding that insidious, anti-democratic Den of Islamists and their willing Dupes.
    Maybe now is the time to start a WN ( Western Nations ) instead ?…

  3. Mullah, if you don’t use disproportionate force the war goes on ’till you’re all dead. Why do these people use such crap arguments?

  4. Urban11,
    You are correct! The real losers will be the muslims. BTW, if you see someone who is not intelligent it is pretty clear in his face (usually) – that is the signal I get from the picture of the muzz at its speaking platform that is shown above. And, after reading the verbal garbage emanating from jamilla, haider and hassan, I suspect that the idiot shown above probably represents the peak of islamic evolution.

    Ezekiel aside, these muslims represent a very clear danger to the evolution of the human species. They are overpopulating the planet, they perpetuate mass stupidity, they are innately violent, their thinking processes are of an order that is lower than that of an earthworm, and one could be forgiven for tending the hypothesis that muslims represent a genetic line that is non-sustainable. In short, from the actions, deeds and words of muslims, they have to go. This is the only conclusion that can be drawn if human kind is to have a future – get rid of these islamic parasites!!!

  5. So the UN doesn’t condemn the Libanese army for shooting invaders (because that’s what they are)?
    How about the UN troops who did absolutely nothing to stop it?

  6. @ kaw
    I’m not sure, I mean: it’s still the UN. They are nothing but useless, hateful, anti-Israel morons.

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