The Islamization of Sweden & Norway

Every Picture Tells a Story

But this one tells you more:

Follow the link and take a look at the Old Sweden versus the New Sweden. (GoV)

Okay, here it is, you gotta see it:

No Moe Blondes:

Its because left is where the thumb is on the right:

Norway is the most anti-Semitic country in the West

Remember: the Nazis were Left Wing, and came out of Germany’s Socialist Labour Party, they were not right-wing. The individuals in the Norwegian politically powerful positions that have pushed for these solely negative attitudes towards Israel for so many years, are responsible for creating a politically-correct hatred towards Jews that has made Norway the most anti-Semitic country in the West.  (thanks to TT for this)

Poster Wolf has an interesting comment:

Finally the Norwegians have produced a non-Quisling.

As the bible tells the story, Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy Sodom and Gemorrah. God answered, saying that if they could produce ten righteous people he would spare them.

Are there nine other non-Quislings in Norway today?


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  1. Norway: 54 percent want no more immigrants

    A majority of Norwegians wants to close the borders to immigrants:

    Of the respondents, 53.7 percent stated that the sentence “We should not let more immigrants into Norway” fits very or fairly well with their own opinion. In 2005, when the survey was conducted for the first time, 45.8 percent said the same thing. At the same time, 48.7 percent said that immigrants integration is poor or very poor, an increase of 12 percentage points since 2005. Eight out of ten respondents believe that immigrants should prove their Norwegian language skills through a language test before they are allowed to become Norwegian citizens. The survey also shows that opposition to the wearing of the hijab among women in police uniform is massive in Norway. Over 80 percent of respondents said no to this, and 3.3 percent are “very negative” to the hijab on the police.
    Posted by Nicolai Sennels on July 7, 2011

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