The next time you buy an ice cream, you better not buy it from Hussein…

I would suggest not to buy anything from Muslims altogether, but that would make us Islamophobic racist bigot xenophobes, don’t you think?

Schlussel via RoP:

Philly Ice Cream Truck Driver Peddles Urine Pops?…

Was Muslim ice cream truck driver Yasser Hassan planning to serve “urine popsicles” to non-Muslim Philadelphia area kids?

No worries, as the Koran and the Hadiths would say: it’s okay to sell this to infidel kids….

Since Mr. Hassan works as an independent contractor, officials from the impound yard say that, for now, Hassan has a legal right to reclaim the truck and go back to selling ice cream in Eastern Bucks County.

“We have to release the vehicle to him after we clean it out,” John McCollum of Ace Towing and Recovery said.

Very cool. He drinks and drives and pisses all over the ice cream truck, and he gets the taxpayers of Eastern Bucks County to clean it for him. Alhamdillullah [Praise allah].