The U.S. Must Pay the Jizya

I beg to differ. We must not. But  Richard Butrick tells us why he thinks we must:

The jizya is a tax that infidels (non-Muslims) must pay in order not to be brutalized by Allah’s chosen.

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold forbidden that which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. Qur’an 9:29

It is basically a protection racket.  Think Mafia run by religious zealots.  In this case, as President Obama sees it, in order not to suffer terrible disruption (“a deepening spiral of division”) by justifiably irate Muslims, the U.S. must pay up.  It is part of the Obama Doctrine: billions for tribute but not one more cent for defense.

Justifiable anger?  Invasion of Arab lands, stealing Arab oil, propping up the Shah.  Drawing cartoons of Mohammed. Pope rage. Koran rage.  The list goes on.

This is Obama’s jizya plan to placate our Arab overlords: forgive up to $1 billion in debt Egypt owes the U.S.  Secure $1 billion in loan guarantees for the region from the International Monetary Fund.  Secure more billions from the World Bank and the European Bank for “reconstruction and development” — the Europeans must pay their fair share of jizya.  Then, of course, throw an ally or two under the bus.  What’s a little lost sovereignty and betrayal of allies for some peace of mind?  As Caroline Glick puts it:

Beyond his abandonment of Bahrain and Yemen, in claiming that the US mustn’t distinguish between its allies and its foes, Obama made clear that he has renounced the US’s right to have and pursue national interests. If you can’t favor your allies against your enemies then you cannot defend your national interests. And if you cannot defend your national interests then you renounce your right to have them.

That should mollify our Arab overlords.  Although Obama might have to make another Middle East Apology Tour and show us that cute little curtsy of his.

And where is that money coming from? From our gas pumps. And note here again the connection to Islamic charities. This should not surprise anyone: in Islam, funding jihad is a meritorious, charitable act.

“‘Pakistani jihad networks funded by Saudi, UAE charities,'” from Reuters, May 22 (thanks to JW):

Islamic charities from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates financed a network in US ally Pakistan that recruited children as young as eight to wage holy war, a Pakistani newspaper reported on Sunday, citing Wikileaks.

A US diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks said financial support estimated at $100 million a year was making its way from those Gulf Arab states to a jihadist recruitment network in Pakistan’s Punjab province, Dawn newspaper reported.

The November 2008 dispatch by Bryan Hunt, the then principal officer at the US consulate in Lahore, was based on discussions with local government and non-governmental sources during trips to Punjab, Pakistan’s most populous province.

It said those sources claimed that financial aid from Saudi and United Arab Emirates was coming from “missionary” and “Islamic charitable” organizations ostensibly with the direct support of those countries’ governments….

But militancy is deeply rooted in Pakistan. In order to eradicate it, analysts say, the government must improve economic conditions to prevent militants from recruiting young men disillusioned with the state.

The network in Punjab reportedly exploited worsening poverty to indoctrinate children and ultimately send them to training camps, said the cable.


The idea that poverty causes terrorism has been refuted again and again, but unfortunately the fact that the connection is made in a cable like this only means that the solution will be to pour more money into Pakistan. Ironically, that money will also be used to fund jihad, not to fight against it.

Saudi Arabia, home to the fundamentalist Wahhabi brand of Islam, is seen as funding some of Pakistan’s hardline religious seminaries, or madrassas, which churn out young men eager for holy war, posing a threat to the stability of the region.”At these madrassas, children are denied contact with the outside world and taught sectarian extremism, hatred for non-Muslims, and anti-Western/anti-Pakistan government philosophy,” said the cable.

It described how “families with multiple children” and “severe financial difficulties” were being exploited and recruited, Dawn reported.

“The path following recruitment depends upon the age of the child involved. Younger children (between 8 and 12) seem to be favored,” said the cable.

Teachers in seminaries would assess the inclination of children “to engage in violence and acceptance of jihadi culture”.

“The initial success of establishing madrassas and mosques in these areas led to subsequent annual “donations” to these same clerics, originating in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates,” the cable stated.


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  1. I’ve an idea we send all the muslims back to muslim countries and exchange them for truely persecuted people living there. Then we do food for oil swaps this will save billions and billions of dollars in home land security in every western country in the world. Works because the west dont have enough oil and the Muslim countries dont any have food.
    What our present governemnts dont understand is that they are the only ones who are greedy for oil the poeple would walk if it got this evil yoke of Islam off from around our necks.

  2. The enablers want the evil yoke of islam around our necks, perhaps for some more sinister reason – planetary cleansing, perhaps. Many of them seem as willing to sleep with Gaia as they do with allah.

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