They're Coming to Blow Us Away

Onward, Soldiers of Allah!

Trucking Across Europe (GoV)
Refugees from the “Arab Spring” are accumulating across southern Europe, mainly in Italy, but also in Malta and Greece. Most of them attempt to move onward from these locations to more favored destinations. France serves as the Promised Land for the Tunisians, many of whom already have relatives there, or claim to. Other migrants prefer to enrich the cultures of Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden — and expect to be enriched in return by some of the most generous welfare systems in the world.

The news story below from Dutch TV describes attempts by migrants to hide in the undercarriages of long-distance trucks hauling freight from Greek ports. By stowing away in this manner, they hope to travel all the way to the Netherlands and other northern European destinations.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video.

How Much Does Cultural Enrichment Cost?

The Muslim Hijra Impoverishes  the Host and Enriches the Invaders

There has been much discussion in Europe over the last year or two about the costs of immigration. Advocates for immigration insist that migrants enrich European culture, but closer examination reveals that European culture actually enriches the immigrants.
When the average European taxpayer discovers the extent to which his pocket is being picked to support inassimilable and criminally-inclined Muslim immigrants, he tends to become irate, especially given the current recession he is forced to endure. So it’s no surprise that government agencies decline to provide any calculation of the costs of immigration — although the ostensible reason for their reluctance is that such studies would be “racist” and “discriminatory”. 

The Dutch government refused Geert Wilders’ demand for an accounting, so his party commissioned its own study, and discovered — surprise! — that immigrants to the Netherlands cost the taxpayer an enormous amount of money, far more than they ever contribute to the Dutch state in taxes.

Other privately-sponsored studies have drawn similar conclusions. The German journalist Udo Ulfkotte has just written a book drawing together all the relevant data on the topic as it applies to Germany. Here is the first part of a two-part video report about Dr. Ulfkotte and his findings. Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective for the transcription and time-stamping, to JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video is @ GoV followed by a complete transcript:

Sheik’s comment:
The idea that aging, decadent and complacent Europeans need Muslim immigrants to pay their old age pensions is preposterous.The Islamic ideology does not tell Muslims to pay the pensions of unbelievers, it says ‘kill them and enjoy the booty’. All they need is the numbers, and the  systematic extermination of the disbelievers begins. 

Muslims take their religion seriously, and they have an impeccable 1400-year historical record to prove it.

gsw said…1
Many years ago, when the UK and Germany stopped making “willingness to work” a prerequisite for unemployment payments (UK 1975:turning down a reasonable job offer in your field meant immediate loss of all benefits), the collapse of Europe due to debt was predicted. 

When (in 2005) it was discovered that children of long-time unemployed considered ‘going on the dole’ (D: HartIV) a viable career move, the taxpayers started getting restless.

When Greece starting having trouble a few years ago, many wondered how the country could afford to uphold a totally parasitic class.
Previously, the “idle rich” had at least been rich, they employed people and paid taxes.

Now suddenly, the left-wing (labour) governments, who have been paying for votes (=power) by offering up the earnings and production of the true labourers, are trying to hide their crimes with claims of ‘not knowing’, they are surprised!

A parasite eventually kills the body it is living on – and then its numerous offspring start looking for a new body to kill.
It shouldn’t be long now – surgery or death.