A few News Updates

The Halal Racket

Fat vultures wait for the storm to blow over

All those with interests in live export know that in a week or two the media eventually lose interest and they will be able to continue their bloody business as nothing ever happened.

Now watch this stunt!

Cruelty to animals? – Not possible we’re Muslim.

“Of course it is against our religion,” (source)

Child Killers

HAVE you watched the video showing the tortured, mutilated remains of the 13-year-old Syrian schoolboy Hamza Ali al-Khateeb?

Even if you chose not to watch, ponder this:

Should a representative of a regime that will do this to a child be allowed to live in comfort and safety in Canberra and be afforded the diplomatic privilege that goes with being an envoy to our government? No. No. No.  (Paul Daley via Bolt)

Twit Quits

“The PVV describes 1.6 million of my fellow countrymen as fundamentalists who are threatening the rule of law,-  I worry things will go downhill even more, and am very worried about the next election,’ she told the paper.   (Annemieke Nijhof, director general in charge of water policy in the Netherlands.)


lou flood

Hey America Those Floods Are Totally God’s Judgement Because of Your Filth and Abominations, Louis Farrakhan Explains How America Is Babylon

Glenn Beck:

Paki Report:

No Escape:


EUro Dhimmilemma:

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  1. Sharia Finance Racket
    The European Union is emerging as a major center of Islamic finance, based on Islamic Shariah law, and which critics say amounts to “financial Jihad” by Islamists intent on Islamifying the West.
    ….. critics say the expansion of Islamic finance to the West is primarily a political strategy, one that has a highly ominous objective: It is designed to legitimate and institutionalize Shariah law (a religious legal code that is diametrically opposed to Western values) in the West. One of the main aims is to shield Muslim communities in the West from mainstream society, and to create Islamic parallel societies controlled by Shariah in Western countries, as well as to attract ever greater revenues with which to promote the expansion of Islam. (…)
    This is also the reason the koranimals want sharia financing in Australia.


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