Anglo Chaplain: Funding Cuts Cause Terrorism

Keep the jiziya flowing, kafirs:

An Anglican chaplain at a British university has rebutted claims that universities throughout the U.K. are a breeding ground for extremist recruitment, and that universities are not doing enough to tackle the problem.

Jeremy Clines who is the Anglican chaplain at the University of Sheffield has said that Islamic extremists were not the problem for universities, but rather government spending cuts were of greater concern.

Clines said, “People will explore radical views whether they are at university or not.

“Universities are fantastic places for people to learn from each other and, contrary to the notion that they foment extremism, can help to moderate extremist views by encouraging dialogue and understanding, and by providing opportunities for people to explore views that are different from theirs.”

“Lack of Funding Causes Islamic Terrorism” thanks to Mullah

How long will  it take before Jeremy Clines find out that throwing other peoples money  at an ever growing problem doesn’t keep the wolves from the door?

  • Ofsted found that eight out of 51 independent faith schools surveyed were found to be displaying teaching materials that had a bias in favour of one particular religious group. (Hmm, I wonder which one that is. )
  • The document also says there have been concerns that madrassahs – after-school religious classes attached to mosques – are promoting a highly conservative version of Islam and spreading extremist views, particularly against non-Muslims.
  • It estimates that 100,000 Muslim children attend such schools and says the government is currently considering ways to stop children coming into contact with material of this kind. (More)

“Islamophobia”, no doubt.

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  1. [Plenty of “Christian” leaders urging us to accept islam as being part of the “three great Abrahamic faiths” & other apostate nonsense.]

    A case in point.

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