Bin dearly missing

H/T Pamela:

While your kids go hungry or take loans for college or work at dead-end jobs because of a government that is starving the private sector with overly burdensome government controls, regulations and taxation — your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are going to fund these savages whose sole objective is to destroy you and enslave your children.

Pro Bin-Laden Rally In Gaza Strip: ‘[Osama Bin Laden] is the Man Who Shattered the Crosses; That is the Man Who Brought the Americans to Their Knees MEMRI

Al Qaeda with Benefits:

More proof of its corporate structure: As odd as it sounds, al-Qaida had excellent HR benefits. The seized documents showed that al-Qaida paid an unusual amount of attention to its fighters and their families. Married members were allowed to have seven days of vacation for every three weeks worked. Bachelors got five days off a month. (More)