Another useful idiot who thinks being a professional parasite is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel:  Bono proves once again that he is a typical leftist hypocrite and do-gooder with other peoples money:

Pay to preach (Bolt)

2006 – Bono protests that the Howard Government isn’t paying its fair share to help the less fortunate:

IRISH rock star Bono has praised John Howard’s management of the domestic economy, but accused him of taking Australia to the bottom of the global league in engagement with the world’s poor… And he criticised the Howard Government for failing to meet an international commitment to increase the overseas aid budget to 0.7per cent of GDP…

“I would encourage Australia to lead us, because we look up to you.”

2011 – Activists protest that Bono isn’t paying his fair share to help the less fortunate:

CAMPAIGNERS in Britain are planning to target U2 during the band’s set at the upcoming Glastonbury festival as part of a protest over the band’s tax issues…

Britain’s The Guardian quoted a spokesman for Art Uncut as saying: “Bono claims to care about the developing world, but U2 greedily indulges in the very kind of tax avoidance which is crippling the poor nations of this world. We will be showing the very real impact of U2’s tax avoidance on hospitals and schools in Ireland.


The prevailing ideologies most hostile to liberty are environmentalism, Islam, and socialism. Add the first two and you get GreenDeen:

Live in a dung hut for the sake of the polar bears or we’ll chop your head off, infidel!

Note that the foreword is by socialist Nation of Islam alumnus Keith Ellison. Liberals are going to love this.


There are so many  of these A-holes, so take your pick for your favorite:

3 thoughts on “BoNerd”

  1. Re: Bone Head and U2

    I remember when he and they were performing in Sydney, they, surprisingly, chose to stay on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bilgola Beach.

    A long way indeed from the UN / Australian Labor Party’s & U2’s Multicultural Utopia’s of Sydney’s Occupied Territories.

    Yeah Yeah I know by the time Bone Head had managed to remember “Lakemba” he was already settled into his Luxury Northern Beaches Bilgola Beach Home, and hey, it was too late to ask the Taxi Driver to take him and the rest of the U2 “Multiculturalist’s, all cultures are equal groupies” to their ideological homeland in Sydney’s Occupied Territories, Lakemba, Bankstown,Auburn,Punchbowl.

    Darn!!!! I can almost hear Bone Head say, “we will just have to make the most of Bilgola Beach, and promise to stay as close to Lakemba Mosque as we can next time we tour Sydney”… yeah I am sure he said that arn’t you?

    Surprise surprise the link below is all I can find referencing Bone Heads stay at Bilgola Beach during his Sydney tour. I saw many more such local msm suck U2 Dick stories at the time.

  2. Bone Heads (Infidels) Bilgola Beach

    Bone Heads/ Multiculturalists / Labor Party’s Occupied Territories aka. Diversity,Cultural Enrichers,Multicultural Sydney

    Damn how could Bone Head mistake Sydney (Boo hisss) with Multicultural Sydney (Hip Hooray Hip HOORAY allah ackbarrrrrh )?

    We should all write to Bone Heads management with the directions to his and his ideological masters Multicultural Ghetto’s in Sydney, that way he wont have to suffer the manifestations of Anglo Saxon Judeo Christian society next time he and his Politically Correct UN friendly band members visit Sydney.

  3. BoneHead is a utter f#cking moron. Every time he opens his mouth he proves himself to be a conceited w@nker.

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