CAIRing Jihadists

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CAIR Propaganda

Terrorist Front Group CAIR says virtually every city in America is “Islamophobic”

Hamas-affiliated CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) in conjunction with UC Berkeley (what a surprise) University  collaborated on the report entitled “Same Hate, New Target.” The publication connects well-known figures who induce Islamophobic sentiment including Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich and Osama bin Laden.


Study: 81% of US Mosques Promote Jihad «

The remaining 19 % must be into gardening, or something…..

CAIR And UC Berkeley List Their Top Islamist-Apologists Of 2010…

reads like a who’s who of the communist/Islamist propaganda machine. (ZIP)

Just for laughs:

Bleeding hearts, anyone?

Stop resisting Islam, now!

Don’t want  to pay the jiziya? Don’t want to submit to  Islam? You must be a hater!

It is as if because you object to being raped, you must hate lovemaking.

3 thoughts on “CAIRing Jihadists”

  1. I had to laugh at the comment on “Zips” page by “ben dover”…

    “Why don’t all these creeps grow those little pubic-hair beards under their chin to show their everlovin devotion to mulsimicum”

    You’re so right. “It reads like the who’s who of the National Socialist/Islamist propagandist machine”

  2. “Terrorist Front Group CAIR says virtually every city in America is “Islamophobic””

    What they really mean is every city in America is resisting ‘islamization” and refusing to just roll over & submit.

  3. I really do hate the term ‘Islamophibic’ – Im not scared of Islam, I just dont like it. Nobody with half a brain would seriously consider this sham religion and its reverence of death, totalitarianism and pedophila as anything but the product of a very sick human mind. A more apt word is Islamo-contemnist….somebody who hates Islam

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