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UK Official Says Christians Are More Militant Than Muslims

Out with the old, in with the new:

What is it with blacks and Islam, the religion of their slavers? Is Trevor just a leftist loon or a revert? (Or both?)

UK Minister Trevor Phillips told reporters this week that Christians are more militant than Muslims.

There have been more than 17, 341 DEADLY Islamic terror attacks since 9-11.  The Telegraph reported, via GWP

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In Scotland, the dirty kuffar must pay for the Muslims’ schools. In Australia, they must pay for their halal training center. It is the lot of the Infidel to pay for the Muslims’ enterprises, as specified in the Qur’an (9:29).

“Australian Muslim community demands ‘taxpayer-funded halal training centre,'” from ANI, June 20, thanks to JW.

The schools proposed here would seek state funding; issues that should be raised immediately in response are those of curriculum and oversight. The design of an “Islamic” curriculum promises a minefield of problems including advocacy for a state governed by Sharia (now part of the measure of “extremism” in Britain), and the issues of women’s rights, the rights of unbelievers, and Islamic supremacism in general. There is also the question of how well the standard British curriculum would be upheld: literature, art, and social studies included.

High-profile horror stories about the lack of meaningful oversight of private Islamic schools in Britain are cause for serious concern regarding these schools as well, as educational watchdogs have been accused of whitewashing reports about what goes on in Islamic schools, where inspectors linked with “radical” groups rubber-stamped their approval. The appearance of oversight has been no guarantee that all is well.

More on this story. “Muslims to break away from Scottish education system,” by Ben Borland for the Express, June 19 (thanks to JG):

Muslim leaders are planning to break away from the Scottish education system and create their own schools because the current curriculum does not include enough about Islam.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Just ask Gary Smith, the religion teacher who lay unconscious in a hospital for two days after being savagely beaten for teaching about Islam “incorrectly.”

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  1. Clever Trevor had better consider the possibly that modern society is incompatible with God’s will and purpose, and that judgement is coming “as in the days of Noah”. These useful enablers will reap what they sow, unless they change their minds…

  2. * Canberra, June 20 : Australia’s top Muslim body has demanded a new taxpayer-funded halal training centre that would prepare refugees for jobs slaughtering animals in rural areas.

    Basically what I expected to happen if live export was banned – more halal slaughtermen from Somalia, preyer rooms, mosques & all the trimmings.

  3. * Australia: Muslims demand taxpayer-funded halal training center

    Basically what I expected to happen if live export was banned – more halal slaughtermen from Somalia, preyer rooms, mosques & all the trimmings.

  4. ‘Clever Trevor’ is just one of the moonbat hordes which includes Homos, Lesbians, FemiNazi’s, Green Nazi’s, left wing militants, atheists, Mohammedans, and virtually all of Academia and the Judiciary, who are intent on destroying Christianity, marriage, heterosexuality and the Wests Judeo/Christian morality.

  5. “They” must really think we’re stupid if they’re trying to sell that ridiculous lie. They’ve only shown themselves to be complete fools.

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