Iran: all your future are belong to us

Handicrafts? That’s it:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasted the capitalist powers for their attempts to destroy other countries’ cultural values, and underlined that freedom-seeking nations, specially the Iranians, will have the main share in global culture in future.

“The future cultural arena of the world belongs to freedom-seeking nations, with the Iranian nation standing atop others,” Ahmadinejad said, addressing a forum to honor Iran’s best handicraft artists on Saturday. (source)

Iran’s Nukes to be ‘For the Defense of All Muslim Nations’… (if you are one of those who believed the lies about ‘peacful purposes’ you probably believe in the tooth fairy also….)


3 thoughts on “Iran: all your future are belong to us”

  1. Ummm…you wrote nukes but the article you link to says missles. Not the same thing. Stop the fear-mongering. Iran was the victim of massive missile attacks during the Iran-Iraq war (where the US armed and backed Saddam) so it would be natural for them to develop missiles too.

  2. hass,
    Ummmmmm …. Iran was not the victim of “massive missile” attacks during the Iran-Iraq way (which was just a little more of that Shite-Sunni dance that is played out so often but forgotten by people like you). Since Iran has almost certainly obtained the technology from Pakistan (who got it from China) for nuclear warhead technology the linkage between nukes and missiles is rather strong. Given that Iran is aggressively sowing discord in several places at the current time (Lebanon, Gaza, South America, Carribean to name but a few), given that Iran is actively exporting weapons to terrorists in Lebanon, Gaza, Afghanistan, Northern India, Phillipines, given that Iran has openly expressed its desire to obliterate Israel, given the Iran is actively and openly prosecuting a propaganda war against the USA, Europe and the west (ie Prime TV) I think that the
    lack of critical thought displayed in your email clearly shows that the main danger we face today is from people who have forgotten the lessons of 60 years ago and still believe that by closing ones eyes to danger, the danger disappears. Iran is a significant danger today – and much more so than Nth Korea.

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