Jihad Offerings

Second Best For Less or Jihad on a Budget?

A woman clings tenuously to her Islamic faith while waiting in line for an “Arrive Half-Naked, Leave Fully Dressed” offer at a London department store. (TROP)


Four (?) arrested for involvement with terrorist “religious fundamentalist society”

All four are suspected of involvement with the German Taliban Mujahideen…. one of them wanted to fly a jet into the Berliner Reichstag.

Germany: Lets Ban Soccer!

Women’s soccer must die, to make the world safe for Sharia:

Nigeria ‘Allahu Akbar’



From the ROP:

You couldn’t make it up:

Hindu Holidays are un-Islamic

Suspected Muslim Militants are unsuccessful to blast in Hindu Pilgrimage at Kamakhya.

Another day, another (Muslim) pervert:

2 thoughts on “Jihad Offerings”

  1. * ‘Sacrilegious’ Floor Tiles…

    Carpet squares are apparently OK, however:


    [TEHRAN – Three pages of the hand-woven Quranic carpet, the first of its kind in the world, is currently on display at the calligraphy exhibition by the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) member countries. ]

    Handy for wiping dog logs off my shoes, I suppose.

  2. Yeah… handy for them to squat and urinate on as well….Gee I love dogs… dogs are better than muslims!!!!!!!!!!!

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