No Sharia to see here, move on: D.C. gets $ 700 million sharia compliant shopping centre

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This is the next level of imposing Islamic law on the secular marketplace.

A shariah compliant mall on taxpayer land.

The New York Times says here that the property is primarily public property:

“CityCenterDC will fill 10 acres, all city-owned except for the land beneath two condo buildings.”

This is the jizya (the poll tax imposed by Islamic supremacists on non-Muslims). City lands and tax abatements used to prohibit bars, liquor and infidel banks? And this hasn’t created a firestorm?

Imposing religious restrictions on public property violates DC’s Human Rights Act. Not to mention violation of the separation of church mosque and state (though under Islam, mosque is state).

Qatari Investors: Huge Downtown Development Project Must Conform to Shariah

by Lydia DePillis Washington City Paper

Read it all:

Washington, DC: Huge Shopping Mall Development Project Must be Shariah Compliant

10 thoughts on “No Sharia to see here, move on: D.C. gets $ 700 million sharia compliant shopping centre”

  1. “As Bill Alsup alluded to, banks aren’t all that great for a city streetscape, and it’s admirable that they planned to forego such a dependable and high-rent-paying tenant”.

    Admirable = sharia compliant
    Alsup = doofus of the first degree
    D.C. = dhimmi community

  2. And how much I bet ya not a peep from the godless left wingers here in America who usually scream separation of church & state when anything remotely Judeo/Christian is mentioned.

    Just like the great American radio host Bill Cunningham says…

    “There is no anti-war [or anything else] movement here in the USA, just a rabid anti Christian, anti Conservative movement using situations for their own political advantage.”

  3. But the ACLU will obsess over a Christmas tree in an airport, or the Ten Commandments in a court room. When can we have a Biblical mall, with nothing sacrificed to false gods, and no muslim workers?

  4. Question #1: Will the ACLU intervene and file a lawsuit or be hypocrites?

    Question #2. Will citizens be arrested for carrying alcohol, wrapped, in this area?

    Question #3. Will public money being invested be used to discriminate who gets to build any of the buildings!

    Question #4. Will Jews be allowed to walk, shop and used credit cards in this project?

    This family will NOT visit, use, shop or attend anything in this project if it goes forward…..period! We also would like to know what banks are involved in its “approval” so we can pull our funds out of these banks nationwide.

  5. How can we file a lawsuit to stop this discrimination on us infidels who are non-believers of Islam while they are given preferential treatment and assessments to operate this concentration camp?

  6. But it is our “racism” that “forces” them to live in “enclaves”, and our dhimmi politicians see a need to tackle this myth …

    [UPDATE 9.15am: THE Opposition says news that Victorian Muslims feel threatened by racism needs to be addressed.

    Victorian Muslims say many in their community feel forced to live in enclaves in order to protect themselves from racism.]

    * The muslim race is in itself a muslim myth, like islamophobia.

  7. Talking out of two sides of their lying mouths, again?

    War is deceit:

    Muslims plan $10m enclave in WA, “because Apartheid in SA worked well”

    Mr Gulam said that the fear and alarm over multiculturalism was more about Muslim integration and assimilation.

    “We feel that the public discourse needs to be more clear about what that means as we believe that in a tolerant and multicultural society, one should be able to observe halal, wear the burqa and build places of worship without hindrance (subject to the law of the land),” he said.

    Nobody does grievance theater better.

  8. * Nobody does grievance theater better.

    And nobody does appeasement better than our spineless politicians of all flavors.

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