Geert Wilders: "I am risking my life in defence of freedom in the Netherlands"

He does indeed.

Final remarks of Geert Wilders at his trial in Amsterdam, June 1st, 2011

Mister President, members of the Court,

I am here because of what I have said. I am here for having spoken. I have spoken, I speak and I shall continue to speak. Many have kept silent, but not Pim Fortuyn, not Theo Van Gogh, and not I.

I am obliged to speak. For the Netherlands is under threat of Islam. As I have argued many times, Islam is chiefly an ideology. An ideology of hatred, of destruction, of conquest. It is my strong conviction that Islam is a threat to Western values, to freedom of speech, to the equality of men and women, of heterosexuals and homosexuals, of believers and unbelievers.

All over the world we can see how freedom is fleeing from Islam. Day by day we see our freedoms dwindle.

Islam is opposed to freedom. Renowned scholars of Islam from all parts of the world agree on this. My witness experts subscribe to my view. There are more Islam scholars whom the court did not allow me to call upon to testify. All agree with my statements, they show that I speak the truth. That truth is on trial today.

We must live in the truth, said the dissidents under Communist rule, because the truth will set us free. Truth and freedom are inextricably connected. We must speak the truth because otherwise we shall lose our freedom.

That is why I have spoken, why I speak and why I shall continue to speak.


At least the Nazis had uniforms and a central command, and even among Germans they were ‘a tiny minority of extremists’, until they came to power.

“Why is it bigoted to resist Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and to say we don’t want to live under Nazi Germany?” Robertson asked. “But oh it’s bigoted if we speak out against a force that is slowly but surely trying to exercise domination over the world.”

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Peace in our time: lets make peace with the Taliban!

U.S. Looks To Open Peace Talks With Taliban In Afghanistan

A sure winner!

Just waiting to make peace: a Talib gets ready to reload…..

In Shotton (UK)  a bunch of elderly ladies are all in the tank for  the Islamic kubaya:

“Interfaith harmony starts with Sharing Tables, Sharing Stories”-   lovely!

Strangely, in Pakistan they don’t seem to believe in ‘interfaith harmony’:

And in the Netherlands one could become a sceptic, too:

Don’t laugh:

In Canada a Muslim “lawmaker” calls British Royals “parasites”:

Not that anyone would call Muslim dole bludgers  ‘parasites’, that would be “racist”, right?

Thanks to  ROP for the links…….

Bin dearly missing

H/T Pamela:

While your kids go hungry or take loans for college or work at dead-end jobs because of a government that is starving the private sector with overly burdensome government controls, regulations and taxation — your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are going to fund these savages whose sole objective is to destroy you and enslave your children.

Pro Bin-Laden Rally In Gaza Strip: ‘[Osama Bin Laden] is the Man Who Shattered the Crosses; That is the Man Who Brought the Americans to Their Knees MEMRI

Al Qaeda with Benefits:

More proof of its corporate structure: As odd as it sounds, al-Qaida had excellent HR benefits. The seized documents showed that al-Qaida paid an unusual amount of attention to its fighters and their families. Married members were allowed to have seven days of vacation for every three weeks worked. Bachelors got five days off a month. (More)

Glenn Beck: Faces Of Evil


Tonight: Glenn starts the program talking about the “War Powers Resolution”, a law that is supposed to keep the President’s power in check…why the President and his administration are trying to find ‘a way around it.’ Plus, the TRUE face of evil…what are radical Islamists teaching their children…why it spells trouble for Israel and why YOU should be paying attention. Don’t miss tomorrow’s program as Glenn exposes the history of the Muslim Brotherhood. You don’t want to miss a show this week!

For more on the Restoring Courage event which will take place in Jerusalem in August, check out the Facebook Page Here.

The Restoring Courage dates have also been announced! For information, click here.

That “Kinetic Action” in Libya, any idea why we are there? Allen West believes the American Military Being Used as a “Rent-a-Force” in Libya…

UK: Illegal Paki Pedophile Leaves £100k Legal Bill

A pedophile illegal immigrant who was allowed to stay in Britain claiming deportation would breach his human rights has finally deported from the UK after a legal battle that has cost taxpayers up to £100,000.

Zulfar Hussain, a convicted child-molester, had initially won a court fight to dodge being deported out of Britain last year because he has a wife and two children living here. (source)

Yuman Rites for Islamic Terrorists?

“Speaking of money. In some cases, tribunal decisions are irrelevant. While complainants may act without legal counsel, defendants often incur dizzying legal bills. Activists can use the tribunal to financially drain their enemies.”    Amen.

Milkmaids Making Movies

The Foreign Office has been accused of wasting taxpayers’ money on an animated film designed to stop Muslim teenagers from becoming Islamic extremists.

Officials have spent about £33,000 on Wish You Waziristan, a cautionary tale of two young British Muslim brothers who decide to join a group of Islamic fighters on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

But critics, including members of the Muslim community, have questioned the wisdom of the film, which has been branded naive and simplistic. Read more: Dailymail

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Perth Says “No Mosque!”

Is Perth demonstrating that Islamization is not an inevitable, pre-ordained outcome?

Perth Says “No Mosque!” (GoV)

Every article about a proposed mosque should quote Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

In other news: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Using Mosques as Party Branches For Upcoming Elections… (ZIP)