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Hamas children’s TV program again calls for the “slaughter of Jews”

Sunny days,
Sweepin’ the Jew away.
On my way to where the air is fine.
Can you tell me when the place
When the place’ll be Judenrein?…

ANOTHER Blood Libel fake photo from the Pallywood propaganda machine

Pal-Arabs have posted this photo on FaceBook which purports to depict an Israeli soldier standing on the chest of a Palestinian child while her distraught mother looks on. Problem is, the gun the soldier is holding is a Russian-made Kalashnikov, something the Arabs use. The IDF uses American-made M-16 rifles. The green uniform and black gloves are also evidence that they are Palestinians, NOT Israelis.

Stoned Dog Story

A truly bizarre story appeared in the Israeli press in the past few weeks. According to YNet News:

A Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the hound was the reincarnation of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court’s judges 20 years ago.

The story was picked up by the Daily Telegraph, Time, AFP and the BBC, where it is currently the most shared item on the entire News website.

However, it turns out that the outlandish story is precisely that – a  (bogus) story. Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv published an apology (translated from Hebrew below) Read it all: Sleeping Dogs don’t lie,  the media does…

“What Israel views as terrorist attacks”

Bil’in wall being moved –  CNN jumps at the chance to knock the Jews

Many Palestinians refer to the barrier as the “apartheid wall” and view it as nothing more than a land grab by Israel to help support and expand settlements in the West Bank. The Israeli government chooses to refer to it as the “security fence,” necessary to protect its citizens from what it views as terrorist attacks.

“What it views as terrorist attacks”?








7 thoughts on “Palliwood Productions”

  1. Was going to mention the AK but you beat me to it.

    These wankers are a laugh can’t even get a propaganda photo right. Typical though they can’t succeed at anything failure at everything they put their hands to.

  2. Ya Sheik,

    Re – The girl on the floor.

    Three notes :-
    1 – The green uniform is not IDF’s “Olive Green” !
    2 – The jacket/shirt … No such “Cut” in IDF !
    3 – If you enlarge the photo X4, You will see that his trousers are stuck in his boots. IDF soldiers use rubber bands !

    Somebody who knows.

  3. Yes,
    the palis are at best moronic, however some fools will still believe their crap.

  4. CNN…”The Israeli government chooses to refer to it as the “security fence,” necessary to protect its citizens from what it views as terrorist attacks.

    Media like CNN and CBS and the NY Times are contributors to the destruction of civilizations. The NY Times tilted towards Nazism in the dirty 30’s and WWII because they refused to believe the holocaust could have been happening in Europe. They believed the Hitler propaganda machine instead. Hitler, to the Times, was a wonderful hero for the German people and the savior of Europe.

    If technology was more advanced back then, and there was television in every home during WWII the Nazis would have won the war, thanks in large part to moronic news services like CNN and CBS. Thankfully, there was only newsprint and weekly Newsreels in the movie theatres.

    The NY Times, though a significant player, was not the most widely-read rag. Only the University and college professors, the socialist so-called intellectuals, as we have today (the Billy Ayers of the world), followed the Times. Most normal civilians in the west started to believe that the reality might actually be true. The rumors were coming back from Europe with immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, and Germany.

    They had read about the death marches the Japanese imposed on our troops in the Philippines and Burma and the holocaust being committed against the Chinese citizens, and it began, if slowly, to sink in that these same atrocities may also be occurring on the other side of the Atlantic.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to awaken these media morons from their slumber. We must rely on the internet and other sources to get to the truth.

    There is no need for a Genghis Khan-type personality today when you have the MSM working for you, aiding and abetting the enemies within the gates.

  5. Shocker! Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s sons posted “anti-Islamic” remarks on his Facebook page. (I.e. he told the truth)

    [“Terror has a religion and it is Islam,” the Haaretz newspaper said Yair Netanyahu, who is also a soldier in the Israeli army, wrote after a Jewish family was killed in March in the occupied West Bank.]

    allah sets out to strike terror, but it is “anti-islamic” to mention it.

    “By their fruits you will know them. Do you gather grapes from thorns, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:16)

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