’Terror Has a Religion and it Is Islam’

Ain’t that  the truth. Now why would anyone object to that?

Israel PM’s Son on Facebook: Muslims ‘Celebrate Hate and Death,‘ ’Terror Has a Religion and it Is Islam’

A lawyer for the Netanyahu family, David Shimron, said the comments were those of a “teenager” and were “taken out of context in an attempt to defame the prime minister and his family,” Shimron said in a statement provided to The Associated Press.

According to the Haaretz report, the prime minister’s son also ran a Facebook group that called for a boycott of Arab businesses and products, and used obscenities to describe Arabs. (The Blaze)

Just to prove the point:

“Every five minutes a Christian is killed for his faith.” From Catholic Culture.org via Vlad

Every year 105,000 Christians are killed because of their faith.

Hundreds of Muslims Surround Church in Upper Egypt, Threaten to Kill Priest: “We will kill the priest, we will kill him and no one will prevent us.”we will cut him to pieces.”

More fetid blossoms from the inglorious Islamic Spring. Why aren’t these daily incidents of ethnic cleansing and vile hatred in the name of Islam mentioned in recent hate report issued by Muslim Brotherhood tied CAIR? They sanction it, advance it – and worse are attempting to criminalize the speech of those who report and expose it to the uninformed.

Muslims Surround Church in Upper Egypt, Threaten to Kill Priest (AINA via Atlas)


3 thoughts on “’Terror Has a Religion and it Is Islam’”

  1. “I have been made victorious with terror”
    Saheeh (i.e. “sound”, “reliable”) Bukhari Vol. 4, Book 52, #220

    8:12 “…I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers”

    8:60 “…to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah (i.e. “Unbelievers” 8:59)”

  2. “Terror Has a Religion and it is Islam” sounds like a good title for a song.
    I wonder if the kid was listening to Nirvana before he came up with that statement? It “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

    I don’t believe the lawyer for the Netanyahu family, David Shimron, had to apologize for what Netanyahu’s son said. I mean, those Hamas bastards say all assortment of derogatories about the Israeli Jews every minute of every day. It just doesn’t make it to the Main Stream Media. But as soon as an Israeli teen says something truthful about the Islamists it’s all over the press. Why can’t the Israelis say anything?
    Oh, right, he’s the PM’s son and they must respect their neighbors. Besides, they’re only Jews, right!

  3. I’ve been despicably censored on “Yahoo” for writing the truth: AP (Associated Press) is a failed agit-propaganda organ, which is responsible for spreading this non-story like wildfire. In this case, the utterly failed Niemand pseudo-journalist Matti Friedman (and his colleagues). Please spread the word of the name of this cheap liar and propaganidist, Matti Friedman. If enough of us circle his name, it may come up on Google search sites showing this PoS for what “it” is.


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