The Collapse of Civil Society

‘No-Go Zones’ Are Increasing Rapidly

Denmark: Police chase car in Muslim ghetto — “Too dangerous to get out of the car in an area like this”

Here is a video clip from a Danish documentory series about the police. In this short clip, a police officer chases a Toyota north of Copenhagen. When the Toyota drives into a Muslim ghetto, the officer encounters another problem: He cannot get out of his car in an area like this.

Muslim parallel societies are truly a direct attack on our countries.

No Free Speech in Berlin, Kreuzberg:

200 radical leftist cowards gang up on 20 dissenters:

200 linke Feiglinge vertreiben 20 Rechte (in German from PI)

No Islam-critique at Marburg Uni:

The meeting “Sex and Scharia” planned for the 27th of  June about sexual relationships in  Islam  with Thomas’s Muzzle,   author of the book “Sex, Djihad and despotism”, in the premises of  Marburg university did not take place. A group of approx. 40 pro-Islamists who infiltrated the hearing distributed  flyers  and managed to prevent the seminar by  means of whistle noise.

Keine Islamkritik an Marburger Universität

Die für den 27. Juni um 20 Uhr geplante Veranstaltung “Sex und Scharia. Zum Geschlechterverhältnis im Islam” mit Thomas Maul (Foto), Autor des Buches “Sex, Djihad und Despotie”, in den Räumlichkeiten der Marburger Uni hat nicht stattgefunden. Einer Gruppe von ca. 40 Störern, die ein Flugblatt verteilten, gelang es, den Veranstaltunsbeginn mittels Trillerpfeifenlärm zu verhindern. [mehr]

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  1. Could these discussions/lectures be held on private property, where they could be arrested fot trepassing? As it is, they should be arrested for disturbing the peace or interfering with freedom of speech (If they have the concept over there.)

    The sense of entitlement and emboldenment on the left is increasing rapidly. Look at the unemployed young woman who thought she could call Glenn Beck a liar (I’m sure she thought she’d “take him down”), even tho’ he’s a world-famous pundit, just because she thinks ANY leftist is superior and can get over on ANY conservative (because they’re just stupid hicks). She overestimated herself.

    And the brawls in American cities… The left/islamist/race-first crowd isg joining together into this kind of an urban army determined to, and sure that they can, always win by being so unpleasant that we, the civil ones, will give up and let them. You see it in the threatening letters and refusal to leave the statehouse in WI, and now in the accusations against Prosser, in the recall plots, and in the harrassment in CA of Prop 8 people.

    obama is leading the charge with his constant insulting of “teabagggers” and “selfish,” “childish” Republicans who should “sit ine the back” and “be quiet” while they “clean up (our) mess.”

    Conservatives MUST not back down to these people. I don’t mean fight or stoop to their level, but we must do things like stand up for our women candidates when they are scolded and “instructed” by people like Couric and Stephanopoulos. The time of timidity is over.

    And that goes for letting the muslims know they can live here only if they follow our rules. (Of course, it ‘s hard with an executive dept and half the congress who back them up instead of us.) But we must speak up, whatever our opportunities.

  2. The reference above to ‘sex and scharia’ reminded me of a controversial book, which was banned resulting with the author fleeing with his family from a fatwa. Here is a dated, but potentially useful link to a book (banned) which I became aware of online in 2008.

    Sex, Sharia and Women
    in the History of Islam (The Is-Ought Problem Weblog
    Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam

    [English title: Sex, Legislation and Women in Islamic History]

    Author Marwan Halabjaee interview video link(sp. Marywan / Halabjay, Halabjayee, Halabjaye, Halabjayi)
    Mariwan Halabjaee,* “the Salman Rushdie of Iraqi Kurdistan,” is the author of the book “Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam.” The book is about how Islam and Sharia law are allegedly used to oppress Muslim women. “I wanted to prove how oppressed women are in Islam and that they have no rights,” said Mr. Halabjaee. “My book is based on Islamic sources such as the Holly Quran, Muslim and Bukhari books and many more.”

    Ann Barnhardt might find this info useful for her Las Vegas project.

  3. btw . . .Marwan Jalabjaee’s book was not posted in english and I have yet to find a copy translated from the original kurdish(?).

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