Vomit Bag, Quick!

Houston debuts Muslim billboards

The local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic relations debuted today billboards that promote Muslim patriotism to counter Islamophobia in the months leading up to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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The 10 billboards, located along area interstates, read “Proud Americans, Proud Texans, Proud Muslims,” and display faces of members of the Houston Muslim community.

One billboard shows Muslims serving in a variety of professions—including a doctor and soldier—and another illustrates interfaith relationships by showing an imam with a Jewish rabbi and Christian pastor.

Houston is the first city to display such billboards, though other markets may adopt the campaign, said Ibrahim Hooper, national spokesman for CAIR.

A grant from private donors enabled the organization to afford the $54,000 cost, said Mustafaa Carroll, director of CAIR-Houston.

The billboards are meant to promote a positive image of local Muslims in response to recent incidents in the community, including two Houston-area mosques that were deliberately set on fire this spring.

The patriotic message is similar to campaigns by Houston’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to promote “Muslims for Peace” and “Muslims for Loyalty” with flyers, door-to-door visits and interfaith  meetings.

The billboard campaign has drawn attention across the country and across the globe since it was announced, according Carroll, mostly from fellow Muslims praising their large-scale efforts.

A few conservative members of Houston’s Muslim community questioned the decision to display images of Muslims, since a hadith by Muhammad discourages followers from putting up depictions of people, animals or God. Carroll said the billboards needed to be appealing to the general public.

“It’s just a billboard, but hopefully it will lead to discussions and understanding,” he said.


12 thoughts on “Vomit Bag, Quick!”

  1. Yeah, the world learnt all it needs to know about Islamic patriotism on 9/11.

  2. Maybe a counter billboard about CAIR…
    .Photos of Hamas, a radical imam, Awlaki photo with CAIR director Nihad Awad, and Awlakis disciple Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood jihadist…topped by a Caption
    and a website http://www.whatsthelink.org ( yet to be created) where people can go to get more info on the terror links of CAIR..
    Another very good idea, print flyers the same and LETTERBOX homes in Houston and wherever else CAIR pushes its lying agenda!!
    Anyone there in Texas willing to do this?

  3. Things aint good for the image of your ideology if you have to tell the world how good it is via a billboard. Actions speak louder than words, at the moment Islam = Violence, mayhem and ignorance and not always in that order. You can say whatever you like on a billboard, but it will take years and a lot more than just words to convine the rest of the world let alone Texas.

  4. There are patriotic atheists, zoroastrians, animists, hindus, buddhists and others in USA. I wonder why they do not call themselves Atheist American, Hindu Americans etc.?

  5. Good Idea AussieGirl. Hear that folks in the USA – use the same tricks as CAIR to bring them down!!!

  6. Damn, must be a real strain to call themselves Americans, they can’t even get round to calling themselves English (for which I am very grateful) but manage British through gritted teeth!

  7. We will see more and more of this rubbish. Im proud to say that there was a muslim stall in our city over the weekend. I politely asked the beaded clowns just why they revere a pedophile? Why they consider a psychopath called mohammed a prophet? They were livid as I walked away laughing. Gold.

  8. The Will
    Laughing at them, and making them a joke, is a powerful weapon – Well Done.

  9. Can anyone from Trondheim, Norway fill us in on what is happening re. the muslim rapists who effectively murdered a 14 year old girl??

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