Weiner Watch

Too much Weiner for my lunch:

The disgraced former congressman and his wife were spotted having lunch in New York City on Saturday where she “looked miserable,” a witness told the NY Daily News.

Their waiter told the NYDN that Weiner was a bad tipper and looked  “really tense. Just like he was carrying some intense baggage.”

Later, Weiner was seen carrying actual baggage … (ZIP)

Wheelchair Jihad


Stossel, you too?

Ban Ki Moonbat in the bag for Islamic terrorism

Murdering Israeli’s Not Terrorism

I wonder why they even bother, since their false prophet bragged that he was made victorious with terror. He also commanded his followers that they ‘strike terror in the hearts of the unbelievers’, so why the BS?

Our Sharia War

War in Afghanistan is sharia compliant? (NRO)

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  1. Well Weiner has been photographed in women’s underwear so why should we be surprised when he is seen carrying a handbag. LOL

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