Tourist Jihad: Go to Europe, Kill a Kafir

And they don’t need any help from Spencer and Geller, but then the libtards will probably blame us anyway, because we report it:

EU: Jihadist calls for tourist Jihad

Via De Telegraaf and Standaard (Dutch) via Islam in Europe (thanks to coffee)

Jihadist Abu Suleiman al-Nasser wrote on the Shumukh al-Islam forum that Muslims should go to Europe posing as tourists in order to murder Europeans. Al-Nasser wrote on the site that Muslims should buy a sharp knife when they’re in Europe. “You could murder more than a hundred people. Walk about and choose your victims.” He wrote that Geert Wilders is an ideal victim. “He looks like a fat calf.”

Meanwhile, the American intelligence website SITE reports that Jihadists are calling for attacks on Belgium and Belgians in retaliation for the recently enacted burqa-ban. According to one Jihadist: “If you have the freedom to make such decisions, then you must also accept our freedom to take action. I call our Muslim brothers in Belgium to do what they can: bomb them, destroy them, torture and murder them.”

Here’s a guy who got the message already, and he didn’t need Spencer or Geller either:

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The World Needs a Christian Terrorist! (Answering Muslims)

Timothy McVeigh was a bust, but could Anders Breivik be the great white hope for which moral equivalency fundamentalists have been praying?


Spencerman & Gellerwoman Causing China Jihad!


According to a Stratfor SITREP, which they got from Reuters, via Vlad:

China arrests over 100 Uighurs, declares marshal law in Keshgar

July 31, 2011

The entire city of Kashgar, Xinjiang, is under martial law, and authorities have arrested at least 100 Uighurs, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress said, Reuters reported. It could not be confirmed if indeed martial law was ordered. The spokesman said that there is no way to protest peacefully the Chinese suppression and the policy of calculated resettlement in Kashgar.

The Uighur flag is interesting, Reminiscent of the Turkish one. 

But it’s all right — they were responding to decades of oppression, doncha know. “Ten die in Xinjiang knife attack, blast,” by Peter Parks for AFP, July 31:

“Restive Xinjiang”

Ten people were killed in a knife attack and blast in China’s ethnically-tense Xinjiang region at the weekend, state media and authorities said Sunday, in the latest bout of unrest to hit the area.A knife attack in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar on Saturday saw seven people killed and 28 hurt by two knife-wielding assailants.

Police have shot and killed four suspects after “an eruption of violence” that came just hours after seven people were killed by a pair of knife-wielding attackers.

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Arab Spring Chickens Coming Home to Roooooost!

 “Freedom & Democracy” Fever Wherever You Look

Video of religious Muslims in Egypt, thanks to Vlad Tepes:

“We are all Osama Bin Laden” –– but don’t worry, its only a ‘tiny minority of excremists’….


BEIRUT (AP) – The Syrian army raided cities across the country before dawn Sunday, killing at least 34 people – most of them in the flashpoint city of Hama where a barrage of shelling and gunfire left bodies scattered in the streets, activists and residents said.  (source)


Top Syrian Generals Defect – Announce Formation of Free Syrian Army to Fight Assad (Video)

A top general in Syria defected on Friday and released video urging the army to quit killing freedom protesters and join the Free Syrian Army. (GWP)

“The End of the Murderous Assad Regime May Be Near–”

Be careful what you wish for.

If Assad goes, the Alawites and the Christians who kept him in power will cop it like they never copped it before. This Assad putz was no worse or better than Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein, but what comes after will not be better for us, trust me on that.

People in the News

Asshole of the Month

Nobel chairman warns Europe’s leaders over ‘inflaming far-right sentiment’

Thorbjørn Jagland, a former prime minister of his country, said leaders such as the British premier would be “playing with fire” if they continued to use rhetoric that could be exploited by extremists. The Norwegian chairman of the Nobel peace prize committee has told them (EUro leaders)  they risk inflaming far-right and anti-Muslim sentiment.

Victim of the Month

The heart bleeds over the religious persecution suffered by Muslims in America. Take Naser Jason Abdo, for example:

The U.S. military serviceman arrested after raising concerns over another alleged plot to attack Fort Hood said he endured harassment, discrimination and intimidation due to his Muslim religious beliefs during basic training, he told last year.

Despite having joined the military voluntarily, he sought conscientious objector status, asserting that his worship of a bloodthirsty warlord from the Dark Ages prevented him from fighting. Maybe he thought the point of the Army is the dental plan.

Fortunately for the global jihad, these beliefs don’t prevent him from plotting to murderAmerican soldiers who are actually willing to fight for their country. Given Mohammad’s infamous taste for little girls, they don’t prevent him from indulging in kiddy porn either.

Unsurprisingly, Abdo has ties to peace organizations. (Moonbattery)

Support Pamela Geller!

Here’s what happened: Clarifying the Edit

Blaming Pamela for what happened is just as stupid as blaming  Obama, CNN or Dracula’s Dad.

In defense of Pamela Geller

Patrick doesn’t hold back:

Johnson I am going to publish this one; if I ever happen to come across you at any sort of blogger function, which I know you will not attend, because you are the World’s greatest fucking pussy. Nevertheless, if I ever happen to come across you, I promise you dude — I intend on breaking your fucking jaw dude. That is not a fucking threat dude, that is a fucking promise — you pony-tailed faggot piece of shit.  (That’s for starters. Here you can see how he really feels>>)

Progressive Media Does a Hit Job On Pamela Geller –Atlas Shrugs (Yid with Lid)

Spencer of the Month

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

We moved from the first stage to the second in the last year or so, and from the second stage to the third in the last week.

We have no money. We have no powerful friends. We have no media connections. We have no resources.

All we have is the truth. And that means that victory is assured.

Christian Zionist Terror Caused by the Nefarious Powerful Freemason Cult & the Mossad Did It!

You knew that was coming.

The nefarious powerful freemason cult? Wake me up when the Ninja Turtles start knocking!

 Anti-Israel Groups Blame Mossad for Norway Attack

A number of anti-Israel organizations have blamed the Jewish state and its supporters for the recent terrorist attack in Norway. The groups suggest that some pro-Israel and anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by Anders Breivik prove that Israel carried out or benefited from the attack, or that all pro-Israel supporters are dangerous.

The disease spreads:

An article on a Hamas website entitled “The Cancer of Christian Zionist Terror,” makes the case. “Christian Zionism is the new Nazi beast, a kind of a Fourth Reich, looming on the horizon. It is evil, murderous and genocidal,” said anti-Semitic writer Khalid Amayreh. “Just imagine the fact that we are talking about a combination of evil forces at work, including the nefarious powerful freemason cult, which penetrates many societies and governments, the Zionist movement, and neo-fascist Islamophobes seeking to ignite an internecine clash between Islam and the West.”

“Today, it is Oslo; tomorrow it may be London, Paris, Berlin and Rome,” he added. (source)

Back to reality:
 Paki muslim gangs in Norway are responsible for thousands of crimes in the last few years.

NORWAY pays a bitter price for massive muslim immigration

Muslim immigrants bludgers also account for most of the welfare benefits fraud paid out in Norway

Today peaceful Christians are accused of having a dark, secret agenda, while  Muslim murderers who brag openly about their Islamic motivations can’t be seen to have anything  to do with Islam, and saying so is ‘hate-speech’, even if  they themselves say so.

Needless to say, Mr. Hylland Eriksen   (“perverted Christians stupid and ignorant,”)  is also rather anti-Israeli. Christians and Jews are bad, Muslims are “misunderstood.” This confirms my thesis that Political Correctness is a hate ideology disguised as “tolerance.” It is based upon hate against anything considered Western and a desire to eradicate this.

The First Commandment of Multiculturalism is: Thou shalt hate Christianity and Judaism. Multiculturalists also hate nation states, and they even hate the Enlightenment, by insisting that non-Western cultures should be above scrutiny.

Why do people hate muslims in Norway?

You don’t have to speak Norwegian to understand the “Allahu Akbars” and “Jihads” being shouted by the muslim hooligans stirring up trouble in the streets. Notice the presence of many police in riot gear. But hey, Norwegians support the muslims and hate the Israelis, so they deserve what they get.

Erdogan eliminates the (secular) opposition in the military

Erdogan’s Islamic gangster gov’t doesn’t like competition. Wouldn’t surprise me if these generals have to make a run for it, soon:

Chief of General Staff General Işık KoÅŸaner stepped down on Friday along with the commanders of the army, navy and air force in protest at the detention of 250 officers on charges of conspiring against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan’s government.

More than 40 serving generals, almost a tenth of Turkey’s senior commanders, are now under arrest, accused of various plots to bring down ErdoÄŸan’s Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government.   (The ruling gangsters deny that there is a crisis….)

Turkey seeing the end of ‘muscular secularism’?

Posted on July 30, 2011 by Eeyore/Vlad Tepes

Here is a screen cap of a machine translation from a German article here (from Der Spiegel). If anyone speaks German, it is probably well worth reading this in the original, doubly so as the immediate consequences to Germany are likely more severe than to most other nations.

The full machine translation in English is here. It does seem a great deal that Turkey’s flirtation with secular and liberal democracy, even if forced by the military, has come to an end and Erdogan’s much more Islamic minded rule wins out. Many in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood who may well take power soon there, are attempting to forge a new Egypt-Iran-Turkey alliance. This would make maps wrinkle for some time. I am working on editing an Al Jazeera video of a Coffee house show where this idea is batted around. Hope to have it done soon.

Here is a good Reuters English article

Australia: Sheik Fez, Lebanese Diplomats & Welfare Fraud

Fleece the infidels wherever you find them….

Lebanese Diplomats representing their country beautifully: 

A CRIMINAL investigation is under way into allegations that staff at the Lebanese consul-general’s office in Sydney have been paid wages in cash while illegally pocketing Centrelink payments.

Diplomats to the welfare state (Andrew Bolt)

Sheik Feiz back to his old tricks

Sheikh Feiz has caused controversy by referring to Jews as pigs and saying children should be encouraged to take up jihad. He has apologised for the former comment and said the latter was misunderstood.

When Turks here must send their children to Turkey to escape Islamist hardliners… 



The general manager of the Auburn-based Affinity Intercultural Foundation, Ahmet Keskin, said that ”people around here could hardly believe that a Turk might be involved in that [incident] because this is an extremely tolerant community.”

Out of the fire into the frying pan? Young Turks in this country are being recruited by Salafists – which is unsurprising. Recruitment and da’awa go hand in hand, and jihad-terror is the inevitable outcome:

Muslim threatens to ”kill all Christians and Jews” and bomb Sydney on Facebook (Atlas)

A plan by another, the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia, to build a large mosque on a $1.8 million, 3882-square-metre plot on Chisholm Road, is considered the latest example of the push into the area….. Some anxious parents have begun sending their children to Turkey for long periods to steer them away from Salafi influences, one leading figure said on condition of anonymity…


UK: Muslims Won't Coperate with Sharia Courts Enquiry

Comedy Gold. Try to take a bone from a vicious dog!

Probe into secretive Sharia law courts scrapped as Muslim leaders close ranks

Ministers have abandoned an inquiry into the rise of secretive Sharia councils that deal in Islamic justice – because the Muslim courts refused to help.

The failure of the Ministry of Justice probe has generated new fears among politicians and pressure groups about the increasing influence of Sharia courts.

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USA Today

O’turd is the Enemy


FBI goes into full-blown dhimmitude

Al-Qaeda, the Next Generation

A gentlemen’s agreement, minus the gentlemen

American Atheists, a Bunch of Shysters


 “I’m very frustrated. The President’s speech last Monday night felt like to me he was saying ‘everybody, go grab your pitchforks, run to a rich guy’s house and go take his stuff because he’s the problem or she’s the problem. If they’ve got a jet, they’re what’s holding back the economy. And it’s just the opposite. A lot of those people are the job creators,” Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) said on CNBC.

‘Braindead’ West wants Jihadists to rule Libya – ex-CIA officer Michael Scheuer

Frightened of voter backlash:

even some of his fellow Democrats are getting squeamish about Comrade Obama’s plans to attack our Constitutional right to bear arms through the malignant United Nations:

10 % is the tipping point

 Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.  (source)

UK: Devout soldier of Allah jailed for inciting Muslims to "raise the knife of jihad" and attack and kill British MPs

12 years? Wow!  Threatening politicians is somehow… different?  

But why did he threaten them? Aren’t British polit-props the most servile when it comes to accommodating Mohammedan demands?

Judge describes Bilal Zaheer Ahmad as a viper in our midst before jailing him for 12 years for threats on websites.

(The Guardian) An IT graduate who wrote messages on an Islamic extremist website calling on Muslims to “raise the knife of jihad” and attack and kill British MPs who voted in favour of the war in Iraq has been jailed for 12 years.   More from eye on the world..

UK Muslims: Sharia is Unstoppable!

That’s because they haven’t met any resistance yet

In this update about tomorrow’s UK Sharia march, we see that Muslims there are getting more brazen. Besides getting more brazen they are exploiting the recent mass murders in Norway.  Read more »

Why Muslim Immigration Is Stealth Jihad

Minority Rules: Scientists Discover Tipping Point for the Spread of Ideas

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.  (source)

Harry’s wonks are delighted to be number nine:

” Disturbingly Robert Spencer’s and Pamela Geller’s toxic blogs are ranked numbers 1 and 4″ – but Technorati is rating Harry’s Place as the number 9 authority on world politics among 14,777 blogs. (source)

Sharia poster boy

U.K. Judge Tells Teacher Sex-Offender Busted with Child Pornography: ‘I Don’t Criticize You for Being…Attracted to Children’

4,500 porn images, some with two-year old babies. “Rape wife” and “gay alligator” were his file names.   Read More »