"Allah, Allah!"

Not all turbans are the same:

UK: Misunderstanders of Islam chanting “Allah, Allah” brutally beat Sikh man 

Honest Ibe Hooper or Boy Reza Aslan or some such genius should go explain to Moshin Khan and his fellow gang members about “Islamic tolerance.” “Sikh man ‘was beaten up by gang in street,'” from the Leicester Mercury, July 21 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

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A Sikh man told a jury he was beaten up by a group of Muslim-looking men who knocked off his turban and pulled off his necklace and religious pendant.

 Leicestershire/ Criminal Mohammedan Aggression

Predictably,  (Musel-) man has denied taking part in a gang attack – saying he was praying at a mosque at the time of the alleged assault.

An eye-witness described how the Sikh man had been the victim of a “frenzied” attack. He compared it with “sharks feeding on a piece of fish”.  Giving evidence from behind a screen, the witness said he saw a man get a metal bar from the boot of the Audi and go behind the alleged victim.

He said he “brought it (the bar) down with quite a force” on the back of the victim’s head.

The witness estimated 13 or 14 people were involved in the attack and were shouting “Allah, Allah”.

“I rang the police and told them to get here quickly because they are going to kill him,” he said.

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