Australia: Wakademia & Polit-Elites Seek to Divert Attention From Islam

Lets go on a wild goose chase instead:

Study on ‘violent extremism’ calls for terrorism studies to be broadened beyond Islamic terrorism:

“In the various terrorist-related cases heard in Australia it is worth noting that at least one of these case (a Tamil Tiger case) was not related to Islam, Muslim extremism or jihadist networks.” (No understanding of terrorists: Defence)

They are  imitating the  lunatic fringe in America:

Sheila Jackson Lee Diverts Islamic Terror Hearings Into Attack on Christians

Sheila chose to divert the hearings to target Christians:

Whose idea was it to give liberals the right to vote? (liberals in the US are the Socialist miscreants who are ruining the country.

As noted at Gateway Pundit, there have been 126 terror-related arrests in the USA in the past 24 months. Every single one of them involved Muslims. No doubt liberals will eagerly seize on this fresh evidence of discrimination.