Denmark: "the populist temptation to close borders against undesirables" irks lefties…

EUrabia needs more undesirables to pay the pension for aging  Euro-dhimmis who have failed to produce children, but Denmark disagrees, or something:

Denmark’s tightened border controls have rattled Europe. Some politicians say they not only shake the foundations of the European Union, but could also embolden right-wing populists in other countries. While some German commentators believe Copenhagen’s decision is only symbolic, many say it can’t be tolerated.‘Other Nations Will Follow Denmark’s Example’—SPIEGEL

Worst place on earth: don’t go to Germany!

A United Nations report has ripped into Germany’s social policies, saying the nation’s poor and immigrants continue to suffer greatly.

One in four children in Germany go to school without eating breakfast! (If that is not a serious ‘yuman rites’ breach I don’t know what is)

Green Enlightenment

Oslo: Green activist says she will only protest against non-violent religions

What she actually said was that she won’t protest against Muslims, since the same people who oppress women’s sexuality by killing them for wearing pants might decide to kill her too. Which, I suppose, makes her Islamophobic.

She is not afraid of Christianity:

“It’s the religion which dominates where I come from, and it’s Christianity which oppressed people in Europe for centuries.” Continue reading

‘Honor Killing’ in Sweden

The man was allegedly killed because of his relationship with the family’s 16-year-old daughter.

‘Nothing to do with Islam”- right?

UK Drops DNA test for Refugees and Asylum Seekers:

Tests are “unreliable” – Really? As unreliable as the “word” of thousands (if not more) fraudsters?

“Refugee Council chief executive Donna Covey said she welcomed the decision to scrap the DNA tests.She said the tests highlighted the insensitive attitudes of the U.K. Border Agency to refugees and asylum seekers.”

But what about the “insensitivity” shown to the immigrant beleaguered British citizensand taxpayers? Once again they are given short shrift.

Musn’t Show “Insensitivy” to so called Refugees and Asylum Seekers

This is particularly egregious considering the publicized Somali re-unification fraud in the USA and Finland - no surprise the Open Borders crowd are whinging about DNA testing in the USA.

UK Human Rights Farce:

Meet the Serial Criminal Who Cannot Be Deported

Mr Sufi, 24, has at least 17 convictions for crimes including burglary, fraud and indecent exposure since he entered the UK illegally eight years ago.

But an attempt by the Home Office to send him back to his homeland of Somalia has been thwarted by judges in Strasbourg, who ruled last week that he would face the risk of inhumane treatment if he was returned. He is now living freely in London. (Source)

One thought on “Denmark: "the populist temptation to close borders against undesirables" irks lefties…”

  1. whatever happened to “beggars can’t be choosers” and “whoever pays the piper calls the tune”

    This has nothing to do with colonialism (most of them are now dead anyway) or to do with rich stealing from poor, this has to do with everyone working hard to get over the recession and having the money handed over to crooks without our permission.

    If they are really interested in living in Britain and becoming British (rather than making the UK over into ‘Little Saudi’) then they would be willing to wait, to work at any job offered and to live according to their means and not their expectations.

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