"Dogs don't like it" and "mugged by reality"

Dog Stories

Barking dogs don’t bite… but lets shut them up anyhow

 The deputy leader of the Greens, the extremist Chrstine Milne,  is promising an inquiry into the media in Australia: Free speech, anyone? Hello?

First they tell us  our pooches cause glo-bull worming, then they want us to kill all the camels, then we are told to eat bugs and now this:

Further on the government’s animal-based home heating plan – “Snuggle up under a rug, snuggle with your family or cuddle your favourite pet – from Gemma Jones, Professor Bunyip and the Daily Telegraph editorial:

There’s an old joke about a large multinational dog food company that comes out with a new dog food, approved by nutritionists, the sales and marketing staff, the CEO and the board, but which totally fails to sell. The simple explanation, from a lowly employee: “The dogs don’t like it!”

Mass immigration is like that.

“The Dogs Don’t Like It”—Mass Immigration, That Is   (source)

Michael Coren 

Tragic irony.

The teenagers people at the socialist youth camp on the Norwegian island who were victims of terror had just demanded that Israel remove the separation fence – the wall – that has saved any number of innocent, Jewish children from Islamic terror gangs.

They also condemned Israel for, well, pretty much everything, and showed no empathy at all for Jewish suffering, and the experience of living with terrorism for more than sixty years.

So sad, but so typical.

Media stupidity:

Nothing adds up about the Norway slaughter. This man is described as a Christian fundamentalist and a freemason. What? That’s like saying he’s black and a Klansman. Freemasonry is despised within Christian fundamentalism.

Then there is a rumour that he is said to be of the far right and a Zionist! Again, massive contradiction, and simply not possible.

More on the fruitcake Freemason who lived with his mother and was an organic farmer.

Kathy Shaidle has more

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  1. What might his racist jihadist (his own words) protectors from his hip-hop graffiti days have to say today?

  2. I’m afraid that the Utøya youth, will not be capable of seeing this tragic ironi and the paradox in protesting against Israel’s right to defend themselves. They’re just blinded by hatred towards Israel, and towards those who criticize “the Palestinians’ right to defend themselves”.

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